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Add Drop Shadows to Your Pictures

Adding a nice background shadow to your pictures gives them a nice realistic effect. And, it's very easy to do with the CSS3 box-shadow property.

The box-shadow property is supported in Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Firefox 4 and higher, and Chrome. The code for the image with drop shadow above is shown below.

<img border="0" width="230" height="230" src="mcdivitt.jpg" style="box-shadow:10px 10px silver;" / >

box-shadow Syntax

box-shadow: horizontal-offset vertical-offset blur-size shadow-size shadow-color inset;
Value Description
horizontal offset Horizontal offset of the shadow. Negative values are allowed
vertical-offset Vertical offset of the shadow. Negative values are allowed
blur-size Size of the blur - optional
shadow-size Size of the shadow - optional
shadow-color Color of the shadow - optional
inset Make it an inner shadow - optional

Shown below, I have added a blur-size value of 5 pixels. This makes the shadow effect even more realistic.

<img border="0" width="230" height="230" src="mcdivitt.jpg" style="box-shadow:10px 10px 5px silver;" / >

Shown below, I have added a shadow-size value of 10 pixels.

<img border="0" width="230" height="230" src="mcdivitt.jpg" style="box-shadow:0px 20px 5px 10px #e0e0e0;" / >

The horizontal-offset and vertical-offset properties are applied to a colored box that is behind and the same size as the picture. The shadow-size property is an increase in that box size, similar to the border-size property. Note, in the code above that I specified the shadow-color in hexadecimal format.

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