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Types of Mobile Website Design

1. Responsive website design

A website that makes use of an identical URL on every gadget, delivering an identical content to all devices, altering the view and order according to the dimensions of the gadget is said to have responsive design. It implies that it is capable of rearranging the content to adjust according to the screen size. This enables the browser to download the whole page and resize the same according to the screen size.


Single URL facilitates the users to network with the site more easily.
An appropriately designed website automatically regulates as per the device of the user.
For making any change in your website, you need to make that only at one place, rather than two in case you had a different mobile website.


You are required to modify your present website in totality.
It costs more, as responsive design is often difficult, needing more time for its making.
The entire content needs downloading even if not to used. It means, in case of a hefty slideshow, you need to download the whole slideshow to your device and then adjust its size.
It takes longer to download, being slower. Images are downloaded in full size and then cut to a size that the device can accommodate.

2. Adaptive Website Design

The website makes use of identical URL for every device. It is the server which senses the gadget, which could be a desktop, tablet or phone, and accordingly loads an appropriate version of the site. So, it downloads only those aspects that are optimized for mobile gadgets. This system is server dependent, as all the required work is completed by the server before delivering the content to any receiver.


Single URL facilitates users to network with the site.
Since the server delivers only the required information to the mobile gadget, it is far more quicker.
It can be customized when your requirements for mobile gadgets are not the same as for desktop. For instance, insurance companies may deliver more visible claims forms on mobile websites, enabling clients to fill up the same spontaneously.


You need to prepare a separate website.
Website needs more maintenance, though provided by the webmaster.

3. Separate Mobile Website

In this case, the mobile website is given a distinct URL. Generally, you'll find it as a sub-domain of the standard domain name, for example, m. mywebsite.com. The dissimilar URLs are generally optimized for mobile gadgets.

You may also design a website having a combination of different methods. For instance, you may have responsive design for tablet and PC, and load a distinct mobile site for mobile gadgets.


There is no need to prepare a fresh website for including a mobile site.
An appropriately designed mobile website gets loaded very quickly.


Website needs more maintenance
May have to be redirected, thus slowing down the site.
The website may become somewhat difficult for consumer to interact due to different URLs.

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