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JavaScript 24-Hour Trainer

JavaScript has matured from making Web pages dynamic to making them interactive, providing users with a rich and memorable Web experience. This unique book-and-DVD package prepares you for the new generation of Web browser changes that are occurring on the ever-evolving Web and shows you how JavaScript is an essential component of those changes. Veteran author Jeremy McPeak provides you with helpful lessons in the text, and the DVD offers instructional demonstrations so you can see how JavaScript works in the real world.

Begins with the fundamentals of programming with the JavaScript language
Builds on basic concepts and applies them to creating Web applications and programming the browser with JavaScript
Offers invaluable advice for avoiding common mistakes, debugging code, and handling errors
Includes enhanced coverage of each lesson on the DVD, which also offers detailed examples
Explores JavaScript best practices

A new generation of web browsers has emerged that are specifically optimized for the capabilities of JavaScript. This unique book-and-DVD package shows you how to use JavaScript to make web pages more dynamic and interactive so that you can create a first-rate user experience. Packed with expertly written lessons, this must-have book-and-DVD set provides instructional demonstrations on the DVD that enhance your Java Script learningexperience through tutorial demos and helpful examples. Assuming little or no previous programming experience, the self-paced lessons guide you through the fundamentals of programming with the JavaScript language and gradually build upon the basics.

JavaScript 24-Hour Trainer:

Reviews JavaScript variables, types of data, functions, and control structures
Addresses how to avoid common mistakes, debug code, and use best programming practices
Explains how to manipulate HTML with JavaScript
Walks you through modifying element style
Details how to handle events with a cross-browser event utility object
Highlights conventions and best practices aimed at helping you write more efficient code
Explains how to send and receive data with Ajax and JSON

Wrox guides are crafted to make learning programming languages and technologies easier than you think. Written by programmers for programmers, they provide a structured, tutorial format that will guide you through all the techniques involved.

The lessons within the book are each accompanied by an instructional demonstration on the DVD—over 4 hours of video tutorials!

You'll learn to:

Add JavaScript to a web page
Create JavaScript animations
Execute code based on conditions
Repeat code with loops
Use object oriented programming with JavaScript
Access and alter styles
Dynamically create new HTML elements
Navigate the document object model
Enable drag and drop in the browser
Handle errors and debug with Firebug

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