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Easy Java Script Picture Zoom Code

Most of the example code that Iíve found on the web is bloated with unnecessary complexity. Maybe the authors were trying to show off their proficiency in programming. The extra complexity makes it very difficult to modify the examples for your own use.

This article provides the minimal code for four different methods to add zoom to the pictures on your Web page. The first method uses a single image. When you click on the image a JavaScript function is used to enlarge the image.

Blurry Zoom

Click on the image below and note how the image zooms in and out.

The only complexity involved with the example above is that I put the image inside a table. This stops the web page from growing and shrinking when the image changes. Note the call to the zoomBlurry() function for the onClick event of the image tag.

<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="380" height="340">
<tr><td align="center" valign="center">
<img name="slide1" src="flamingo_s.jpg" onClick="zoomBlurry();">

To use the zoom method demonstrated above, copy the JavaScript code below into the HEAD section of your web page. In the code change the path of the image to the path of the image that you want to zoom.

<script language="JavaScript">
var zoom1 = 0;

function zoomBlurry()
   if(zoom1 == 0)
      zoom1 = 1;
      document.slide1.src = "flamingo_s.jpg";
      document.slide1.width = 360
      document.slide1.height = 320
      zoom1 = 0;
      document.slide1.src = "flamingo_s.jpg";
      document.slide1.width = 180
      document.slide1.height = 160

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