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Video - A Blender Tutorial

The Basic Functions of Blender

When you start out you have a grid. You have the x-axis (red line) and the y-axis (green line). You have a box. You have a circle, which is your light. And you have a triangle, which is a camera.

Use the right mouse button to select objects. When selected, you can move them by dragging the arrows. If you hold down the middle mouse wheel and you move the mouse, you can rotate the object. If you shift and click on the middle mouse wheel and then move the mouse, you can pan.

To go to top view, in the menu bar select View - Top. To view through your camera, in the menu bar select View - Camera. The camera is the view when you finally do render.

To move the box in 3D space, make sure it's selected, then hit [G] to enter "Grab Mode", which allows you to move objects in the 3D space.

To size the box, hit [S] and you can drag in and out with your mouse, or you can use individual numbers i.e. 5 to make it 5 times as big.

To rotate the box, hit [R] and you can rotate the box with your mouse or you can use individula numbers i.e. 90 degrees.

When you do hit Render Scene or [F10], you see the rendered picture. Hit [Esc] to exit out.

The light provides lighting for our box. You can either just directly render by hitting [F12], or clicking the Render button.

use [Shift][D] to duplicate an object.

These are very basic things you can do.

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