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Video - Using Kompozer The Best Free WYSIWYG Editor

KompoZer is a free open source WYSIWYG web page authoring tool which you can download from KompoZer. This video is a quick introduction to the KompoZer interface by Mark Strong of www.helpusingkompozer.com.

The left panel of the application window is the Site Manager used for the publishing aspect of KompoZer. The right panel is the composition area where you do your work. The bottom tabs on the composition area provide various types of views; Normal View, Tag View, Source View, and Preview. The Preview tab shows how your web page looks on a typical browser once it has been uploaded to the Internet.

The menu bar looks like your typical application toolbar. If you go to the View | Show⁄Hide sub menu you see those that are ticked are the toolbars that are showing. You might want to remove the tick next to Site Manager to remove the Site Manager pane so that you'll have more room in the work area. You can also close the Site Manager pane by clicking the small x in its upper right corner.

The Composition toolbar is like a familiar toolbar that you use to save your file. It also contains the CSS tool. The Format toolbar is used for text formatting. If you right-click on the open space of any toolbar, you'll get the option to customize a toolbar. If you select that option, you get a page of tool items that you can add to a toolbar. Just drag the items you want to the desired toolbar.

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