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Free Business Tools for Enterprise

Documents: Zoho Docs

In terms of office applications, Microsoft Office has been, of course, on top but it is not for free. Meanwhile, other application packages also have many utilities and they are totally free, typically Zoho Docs - a sort of online office software that allows users to share documents with each other without sending under the form of attached files.

Currently, Zoho Docs is the best choice for a free tool. Users can use up to 1GB online data warehousing for free, un-compress almost every format of document, create documents, spreadsheet and new presentations. Users can also organize the contents by folder as well as add tabs to easily search or manage.

Warehousing: Box

You will always be attracted by the word "free" when looking for an online warehousing service. But you also want that service to have a stable operation and data to be best warehoused. Among this kind of services, Box.net is one of the best. There have been over 2 million people who use Box.net currently, each of them is provided with 1GB of free warehousing. If you pay a small amount of money ($19.95/year), you will have more 15GB warehousing for 5 users, which can be accessed by cell phone and you won't have to suffer flat advertisings. Enterprise version ($15 for 50GB of storage) even has 256-bit encryption function to protect data.

CRM: Salesforce.com

Being an online CRM application, Salesforce.com is totally free to enterprises and individuals. This website provides tools to enable staffs to manage marketing and sales opportunities, enable managers to easily monitor sales figures. Users can use functions of e-mail, search and online marketing. The analyzing tools would help salesmen have an overview of sales and marketing data.

Personnel: Zoho People

This free max-10-user tool will provide personnel manager with central information portal to archive staff profiles which can be made to be tree diagram. Zoho People helps manage all issues relating to human resource, from recruitment, interview, salary proposals and automatically report to users. Free accounts can have 250MB storage, but if you pay $19/month 10-user-account will have function of SSL encryption.

Planning: Clickbook

By enabling customers to set up online appointments as schedule on Clickbook.net, you can save pretty much money spent for receptionists. And because it is a web-based application, you will never miss a chance to implement any new ways of doing business. Clickbook.net allows setting up unlimited appointments, automatically sending report via e-mail and cell phone.

Social Network: Talkbiznow

What would you get from the combination of LinkedIn and Acrobat.com? That is exactly the frame of Talkbiznow.com - a social network service for enterprises, which has functions of free website and conference. In the near future, this website will have another function of document sharing.

Dinh Cong Tuan is now working for a software company that provides IT solutions and software development services. If you want to know more about his work, visit the website: [the website attsoftware.net cannot be found] see how he can optimize your business.

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