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Seven Essential Online Tools for Non-Webmasters

I've built and edited all of the web sites I use to run my business. I wish I could take credit for the look, but I can't. I purchased a nice business template I liked, to use as the basis for all of my sites. You don't have to do that though.

Even though I continue to maintain my sites myself, I couldn't do it if I didn't have some great tools that make it easy to do. There are some really terrific tools you can get, for free, that can help you build and maintain an eye catching web site. You can even communicate with your customers or create interactive sections on your site that will continue to drive traffic to your site over and over.

All of the tools offered here are absolutely free to use. Bookmark them and save yourself a ton of money and time.

1. Templates

If you're really ambitious, you can design your own web site from scratch. Unfortunately, creating and designing a web site from scratch can be time consuming and expensive. I have yet to find a free graphics editor that will help you create the kind of stunning graphics you will often see on the web.

There are plenty of free web site templates available, even for business, and you can often use them by simply leaving a link to the site designer at the bottom of the page.

Free Site Templates - This is my favorite. I once used their templates before I bought my own. You'll find hundreds of designs here, and no annoying pop up windows while you are browsing. This site has recently undergone a redesign of its own and is very easy to navigate.

Free Web Templates - This site offers hundreds of free designs you can use. There are also links to other resources, including graphics, newsletters, and affiliate programs.

2. Sales Page Template

- Pertinent - This nifty little tool is one I stumbled across by accident while surfing the Web looking for something else. I haven't seen a template like this anywhere else. It allows you to type in your information for your sales letter. You can preview what you've created first.

You definitely want to bookmark this site. The webmaster is constantly adding new templates like this you can use for your business, and they're all free to use. If you have a newsletter, don't forget to add it to the directory while you are here.

3. Banner Creators

You'll find plenty of debate on the Web about whether or not you should use banners on your web site. However, a banner creator can serve another purpose for you: you can use it to create an original and unique header for your own design.

Free Online Banner Creation - Rather than give you one or two links to some banner creators, you can go to this site. It offers several different places where you can find banner creation tools. Also includes a description of each site.

Cool Text - If you are looking to create a text banner, this is a great place to start. You can also make logos for your business.

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