How to Setup a Website for the eBay Affiliate Program by Jorge Gurza

There are two ways to set up a website for the eBay affiliate program. However, before we get onto that, it will be important to explain to you what the affiliate program is.

Many thousands of people begin using the internet daily, and many of these are seeking good prices for the products that they are seeking. Some will look immediately for eBay, but others will simply enter a search term for the product. If they reach your website for the product they are seeking, you can then provide them with a link to the eBay registration page and earn $20 - $30 for each registration.

Not only that, but you can earn a proportion of the listing fees for the product, which is why you can make a lot of money by having a website offering products for sale on eBay. You win two ways: through eBay registrations for first-time users and also through your commission for any purchasers they make.

So, how do you set up a website? You can do it the normal way or the easy way. The normal way involves a number of different steps that you have to carry out:

• First you have to find a domain name: that is the name by which your website is registered in the Domain Name System (DNS), and once registered, nobody else can use your domain name. It is useful, but not essential, for your domain name to reflect your business.

• Then you have to find a web host. You can try one of the free hosts, though there is normally a price to pay through you having to include adverts on your site, or to use the website for only one specific purpose. Free sites are not the best, and you are well advised to pay. A reasonable web host will cost you from around $5 to $25 monthly, and the more you pay the more you get.

• You will need email addresses and an auto responder system. The auto responder automatically answers email inquiries, takes orders, meets them and accepts payments all automatically, even while you are sleeping. Your business can run 24/7.

• Now the time-consuming part: you will have to design a website or web page for every product type you promote. If you are promoting 50 product types you will have to develop 50 websites or pages. This is very time consuming, even if you knew where to start. You will have to learn HTML and/or CSS and also how to put a functional website together.

• You will also have to have some means of advertising your websites, or driving traffic to them. You can do this through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which can be expensive if you don't know what you are doing. Alternatively you can optimize your sites for the search engines and achieve high listings, although you might have a lot of competition to beat. You can also attract traffic through article marketing or by the use of a blog on your websites. Both of these last two techniques can be very effective in directing traffic to your sites.

• Another tool that will be necessary is analytical software to capture the statistics of your websites and income. You will want to know which advertising method brings most customers, and what type of product your customers tend to purchase. That information will allow you to fine tune your advertising and the products you promote.

There are other steps you will have to take, and all of this can be quite daunting, especially to a beginner to internet marketing. You need all the help you can get, even if you already have your own websites.

Software programs such as ez Affiliate Website Builder set up a website for the eBay affiliate program for you, in fact as many as you want in a short period of time, and help you to easily and quickly transfer them into money-making machines that will work for you day and night.

Keep in mind that millions of people are buying on eBay every minute of every day, and your websites will provide best results if they are running 24 hours every day of every year. You will also do a lot better the more sites you have, so having an eBay website builder will help a lot.

If you choose to do it all manually, then there is no reason why you cannot get the same results, although it will take a lot longer: weeks or even months longer to begin making reasonable sums of money. If you use a program that gets these sites up rapidly, one after another as often as you like, you can spend all your valuable time on driving traffic to them, and making lots of money.

That, then, is how to setup a website for the eBay affiliate program. Either manually or using software dedicated to the task. The choice is yours as to which you prefer to use, but whichever way you choose there is a lot of money to be made by promoting eBay auctions and referring new members to the eBay program.

You can make it a lot easier to automatically build lots of eBay Affiliate websites if you use ez Affiliate Website Builder eBay affiliate script. Check it out here: How to Setup Website for eBay Affiliate and see how simple it is to generate website after website for you to make a business promoting eBay and its auctions.

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