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Victims of Sandy Hook

Stop the Slaughter of Innocents. Congress is bought and paid for by gun lunatics and gun promotion groups. If you want to live in a safe America, help buy Congress back for America. Send a donation to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, 909 Third Avenue, 15th Floor New York, NY 10022

Get Paid by Freelancing

Legal Considerations for Your Home Freelance Biz
So you are ready to set up your freelance business in your home? There are a few legal regulations that you should keep in mind. There are millions of businesses being run from a home office in violation of local zoning regulations. More ...

Why Every Freelancer Should Have A Web Site
As a freelancer, when you are trying to reach new clients or stay in touch with old ones, how to approach the contact can be a sticky, confusing, discombobulating journey. Having a web site can solve all of these situations. More ...

Maximizing The Effect Of Your Freelancer's Bio
Your freelancer's bio is a vital job-hunting tool. Because as an independent, you're working with your clients as a consultant, rather than working for them as an employee. More ...

Finding The Perfect Job For The Stay-at-home Mom
Are you a stay-at-home mom who has been thinking of ways to earn an income from the comfort of your home? Finding that perfect job that matches your skills and interest isn't necessarily easy unless you are provided with several options. More ...

Make Money in the Sharing Economy with TaskRabbit
The sharing economy allow individuals to make extra money by sharing their property, skills, or time. TaskRabbit is an online marketplace where people can get paid for performing chores such as pick up groceries, shop, transport items, assemble furniture. More ...

Mystery Shopping
Mystery shopping, also known as secret shopping, is the method by which a store or a company evaluates its employees' performance. In this a person in disguise pretends to be a shopper, visits the store, interacts with the employees and assesses their ability to build a rapport with the customer in order to sell their products. More ...

How to Make Five Bucks in Less Than Five Minutes
Making money on Fiverr is one of the easiest things you could ever do. They have tons of categories you can earn cash in. I guarantee you will find someway that you can contribute and start earning some extra money. More ...

Small Business Tax Issues for Self-Employed Individuals
Many self-employed individuals are considered "sole proprietors" or "independent contractors" for legal and tax purposes. This is true regardless of whether you are turning a hobby into a business, selling an indispensable widget or providing services to others. As a self-employed person, you report business revenue results on your personal income tax return. More ...

So You Want to be a Freelancer? Here's How!
Today, accountants, trainers, computer technicians, etc. are all able to earn a living as freelancers. Regardless of the freelancing field you are interested in, there are some important things you should know that will help you get started and get successful. More ...

Make Money From Online Jury Duty
If you're into watching those law, crime and courtroom TV programs, use your interests to make money online by reaching verdicts as an online mock juror. Mock jurors provide insight by offering valuable evaluation and feedback. More ...

Naming Your Freelance Home Business
If you want to be taken seriously, you will need to name your freelance business. Make sure that your business name reinforces the image that you want to project for your company. For example, one of my websites names is AllFreelance.com. More ...

Making Money on Fiverr
The ideal thing concerning earning money using Fiverr is that it's possible to start immediately and for free. Sign up and post your gig and you are prepared to make money. More ...

Your Portfolio: A New Slant on an Old Subject
If you're involved in any sort of freelance, or creative work, you know the importance of a portfolio. This article covers a different way to create a professional portfolio, using scrapbooking techniques. More ...

Make Money in the Sharing Economy with DogVacay
An individual may offer their services, such as housecleaning, tending gardens, or running errands. The sharing ecconomy works via online applications where sharers connect with buyers. This article describes the pet sitting site DogVacay. More ...

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Going The Half Hog:
Freelance Writing Without Marketing

Freelance Writing Without Marketing

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With this unique, straightforward book you’ll learn everything you need to get started as a freelance writer, including content creation, ways to earn online, where to find freelance work that suits your skills and schedule, how to sort through the rubbish jobs and find the gems, how to avoid the cheats and scammers. Click here for more information.

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