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Five Popular Websites to Get Freelance Work

The prevailing economic slowdown and resulting job layoffs have given a boost to freelancing across the globe. To survive this financial turmoil, more and more people in almost every business sector are heading towards doing freelance jobs.

There are a lot of options to start a freelance career, but the question arises: Where to start from? Or which freelance marketplace to approach to get this kind of jobs?

There are many freelance job websites available to get freelance work. But only few of them are worth working with. We have researched over some popular freelance job websites based on their features and services, which may help you select the best place to get title freelance projects.

Here are the five popular freelance websites with their respective features:

1. freelancer

LimeExchange, the first socially networked online services marketplace, which provides a global platform to freelancers entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to work together and develop business networks. In a short span of one year this website has exponentially grown its database to 40,000+ registered users, consistently adding 300+ projects every month.

Not only this, it has an extensive database of projects posted by buyers in varied categories from all across the globe. It has a broad array of collaboration features, easy-to-use web interface, straightforward pricing, safe Escrow-based payments, cost-effective modes of withdrawal of money, free online skill test and certifications, educational credential verification, question and answers forum etc.

2. Elance

Elance being old in the market has strengthened its roots by providing its users with excellent features. It offers hundreds of new freelance projects and skilled professionals from across the globe. Some of its interesting services like Water Cooler Community forums for Elance members and Elance University, which provides support and information to freelance workers has made it popular among freelancers community.

3. guru

Guru is a trusted online services marketplace that offers a comprehensive database of freelance projects and talented providers from around the globe. It is also known for its interactive features like video profile for freelancers to acquire quality projects. They provide effective collaboration tools to help buyers and service providers for communicating effectively with each other. It also provides safe and secure Escrow services to ensure smooth transaction of payments. There profile completeness section has videos and photos uploading features and it also enables the buyers and service providers to give mutual feedback across various parameters.

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