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Victims of Sandy Hook

Stop the Slaughter of Innocents. Congress is bought and paid for by gun lunatics and gun promotion groups. If you want to live in a safe America, help buy Congress back for America. Send a donation to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, 909 Third Avenue, 15th Floor New York, NY 10022

Get Paid for Blogging

Beginner Basics for Making Money Online Using Blogs
The big boys use blogs. There is software available that will create thousands and thousands of blogs for you automatically. Then there is more software that will create thousands and thousands of pages of unique content to put on your blogs. If you link all these blogs together in the proper fashion you will get ranked higher by Google. More ...

Easy Ideas of How to Make Money Online by Blogging
One of the best and most used ways to make money online these days is by blogging. Hundreds of blogs are started everyday. One of the reasons is because it's the easiest way to have your own website and start making money right away. More ...

Make Your Living by Becoming a Blogger
Some people become bloggers for the mere fun of it, others are motivated by the tantalizing thought of money. There are plenty of stories about bloggers who have made it big and are creating six figure incomes from blogging. More ...

How to Make Money Blogging
A blog can generate revenue from many sources. Many one person blogs make a great deal of money. Whether a blog makes money or not depends mostly upon the specific topic of the blog. The easiest and quickest way to start blogging is to setup your blog is on a blog hosting Web site, where all you need to do is register, log in, and start blogging. More ...

Earn Money With a Recipe Blog
Blogging has become a world-wide phenomenon that is giving many people the opportunity to earn real money online. Recipes and cooking tips are two very popular topics on the internet. A Recipe Blog is a fun way to start making money online. More ...

How to Turn your Blog into a Home Business Money Maker
Hundreds of thousands of new blogs are created every day, unfortunately many of those blogs are doomed because of a lack of planning. You can turn YOUR new blog into a money-maker. Just follow these five steps. More ...

Video - How To Make Money From Your Blog
If you've been blogging and you're wondering how to make money from your blog, this video shows you how to make money from your blog. The first step is to be passionate about your blog's subject. More ...

How to Make a Great Income With Blogs and Affiliate Marketing
It's possible to make a great income from blogs and affiliate marketing separately, but also to combine them to do even better. Affiliate marketing is where you make money by promoting other people's products. The reason that most newcomers to affiliate marketing fail is that they don't know how to promote a product. More ...

How to Advertise Your Blog Or Website Free
Advertising online for free is easy to do and just takes a few minutes Here are some ways you can start free advertising. Try all of these methods and see what works best for you. More ...

Seven Killer Blog Mistakes
Having a high traffic blog really isn't that hard, it's just a matter of applying effective principles. The problem is, most of the Bloggers in the world don't have the knowledge. Here are the seven worst blog mistakes that I see. More ...

How to Choose a Topic for Your Blog
The first thing you need to do to start a blog is to decide what your blog will be about. If your primary goal is to generate revenue then you need to choose a topic that will attract a large audience. More ...

Create Your Own Fashion Blog
Creating a fashion blog can be as easy as 5 simple steps. Pictures and details of your unique wardrobe and styling efforts can be a great place to a fashion blog. More ...

99 Blogging Tips, Strategies, And Must Haves - Make Your Blog A Success
This book gives you 99 blogging tips, strategies, and must haves to make your blog a success, you will get a detailed look at all of things you should be thinking about when creating a blog. It covers traffic and promotion strategies, tools and blog necessities. More ...

Five Ways To Promote Your Blog Without Spending Money
Don't believe those sales copy that tell you blogging is a get rich quick thing. It takes time to make money from your blog. I've been blogging for three years now and have learned some things that can increase your page views, site performance and overall page rank of your blog. More ...

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Creative Blogging: Your First Steps to a Successful Blog

Creative Blogging: Your First Steps to a Successful Blog

Professional blogger Debbie McNeill says,"This book is loaded with lots of options and ideas to consider when first venturing out to create your own blog. Although I've been blogging for several years, there are lots of great tidbits that I'm picking up. Another item that I find helpful is it has Blogger, Typepad and WordPress instruction throughout the book.

• This book is well organized with many screen shots, examples and easy to follow step-by-step instructions written with just the right balance of details without getting too technical.

Click here for more information.

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