How to Make Money with a FREE Blog by Anne-Marie Ronsen

Blogging has become very popular lately. People use them as journals, diaries, and⁄or sales pages. There are two kinds of blogs. One kind is hosted on your own server⁄hosting account and is created by installing a script and then customizing the template and then adding your own content. The second type of blog is hosted by a service and all you have to do is sign up for a free account and start adding content.

If you have a budget that is very small or zero, and you are looking for a way to start making money on the internet, blogging is a great way to get started. You can make money with a free blog by adding Google Adsense, and promoting affiliate products.

The following are ten online safest techniques, suggestions and tips for Blogging:

1. first think of your goals and your resources.

2. Go to Blogger and open an account. It's free.

3. Once your account is open, create a new blog using your chosen key phrase as you Blogger sub-domain. Select a template to use.

4. Set the Blog title to be exactly the same as your key phrase. Create a description that contains your key phrase in it at least once.

5. Find affiliate programs for high-quality products in your niche. Create affiliate links for these products and insert them into your sidebar on the template where it says "Links".

6. Insert links to other blogs, related news, etc. at the bottom of each post using your key phrase somewhere in the anchor text of the link.

7. Submit your blog to as many of these blog and RSS feed directories as possible.Use your key phrase in the title and at least once in the Description if you are able to enter one.

8. Go to Yahoo and set up an account if you don't already have one. Add your RSS feed to your "My Yahoo" account as a news feed you want to monitor.

9. You will need to add RSS Beta to your My Yahoo content if you don't have it. For more info on how to do that, go here and add it. You will now add your blog into the RSS feed in my yahoo. To do that, click on edit in the RSS feed section. Enter the url of your blog.

10. Go to, create an account, and do the same. To do that, enter your blog URL with "atom.xml" appended to the end of it where it says "Search for content to add".

You can find free content for your blogs at article sites. You must follow the rules outlined in the article site. This usually means keeping the author's contact information and links in place. Post another piece of private label content every two days. Search forums with related content - quote and link to pertinent information about your niche.

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