Three Surefire Strategies for Beginners to Make Money Blogging by Pam Boyett

Do you find yourself wondering if people are actually making money blogging? And if they are, how can you profit from blogging too?

For years I've searched the web for ways to make a profit. After relentless months of floundering around on the Internet and making absolutely no money, I finally paid an experienced blogger to coach me. A short month later I started profiting on the web. The coaching made all the difference! I'll tell you the three surefire ways he taught me to make money blogging. If you will put these proven methods into action, you can make money too. It can change your life!

For the newbie or beginner, let's first discuss the concept of blogging. To understand what blogging is you need to understand where the word blog came from. A blog is an abbreviation of the word weblog. A weblog is a type of website you can think of as an online diary. The owner of the blog regularly adds content to the website by posting comments online just as a person would regularly write in their diary. The content of the blog may or may not be of a personal nature. For our purposes, to make money of course, the blog would not be written from a personal viewpoint but from one of a business perspective.

Blogs can contain text, links, images, videos, music, or any other kind of available digital media. The verb "blogging" is simply the act of putting your comments onto the website, or blog. The entries are listed in reverse chronological order, meaning the newest comments are at the top of the page and you have to scroll down to see the older comments towards the bottom of the page. Visitors are allowed to interact with the blog by leaving comments or links on the same page as the content.

Now that you understand what blogging is, let me give you an example of a successful blogger...

Kyra lost 96 pounds over the last 8 months. Her success was due both to a popular diet program and to a popular exercise program. She kept a diary of her daily exercise routine, eating habits, and her weekly weight loss. Kyra has put up a blog on the Internet showcasing her triumph over her weight.

She writes articles, reports, and weight loss tips highlighting the programs she attributes to her great success. Both the diet and exercise programs have an affiliate program, and she provides links to these programs on her blog. Kyra's success has made her a very popular blogger and she has only been online for 3 months.

Both the diet program and the exercise program have a monthly fee of $28. Kyra's affiliate programs pay her half the monthly fee for each month's sales. On average, Kyra sells to 15 visitors on her site each week. Almost all the buyers purchase both the exercise and the diet plans. Kyra receives half the monthly fees, or $1680 per month.

This blogger could be you, and you could be on your way to changing your life!

For you to get started blogging there are three surefire ways to begin.

1. Choose a broad topic for your blog. The topic should be something you have some knowledge of, or something you have an interest in. The broader the topic the better so you can later promote more affiliate products on the same blog. Include your topic in your domain name, or URL. For example, if you wanted to start a blog on body building, a good domain name could be

2. Make sure there is an affiliate program you would like to promote related to your topic that has lots of promotional materials available. You can incorporate the ready-made affiliate materials into your blog. An affiliate program that offers a monthly subscription is a MUST because it will increase your profits through a recurring monthly fee. Wouldn't it be better to receive a payment every month from a customer than to receive a one-time payment from that same customer?

3. Build a list. A list is a collection of email addresses used to promote your affiliate programs. Build your list by writing a free weekly newsletter and offering an opt-in on your blog. Promote your blog by writing articles and submitting them to article directories. Be sure to refer your readers back to your blog. PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE!

Now that you know what blogging is, and you know there is income potential, I hope you won't delay in publishing your own blog. I have given you three surefire ways to make money by blogging. Choose a broad topic and a matching domain name. Become an affiliate and be sure to select a great affiliate program with a monthly subscription option and many promotional materials. Most importantly build a list by writing a free newsletter and offering an opt-in.

So many people could increase their income and could be on their way to a better life if they would only put a little sweat equity into blog. With the right coach I finally found my way in the blogging world and it has made a big difference in my life. I wish you luck on your future online endeavors.

Pam Boyett is the author of eMoney Informer, a free weekly newsletter designed to help you increase your online revenue. Learn more about Pam and get your free subscription of the eMoney Informer at (link seems to be a parked domain).

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