How to Blog and Make Money on the Internet for Free by Duane Clark

In this article I will discuss how to blog and Make Money on the Internet for Free. You may ask, why Blog? How do I get started blogging? What should I say in my blog? And how do I make money blogging?

First of all, a blog is like keeping a web-based journal or diary in which you can post your thoughts and opinions about any topic on the internet. Blogging has become very popular because it is easy to create. However, the intention is not to just create a blog. The intention is to create an effective blog that you can turn into cash. Otherwise why would you want to create a blog?

Why Blog to Make Money on the Internet for Free? Because, blogging gives you the opportunity to gather followers who are interested in your topic, who later will turn into paying customers. The best way to gather followers is to provide something of value of which a visitor to your website is willing to trade their name and email address for your FREE offering. These offerings can be a series of videos, e-books, reports, or anything else of value. These lists of follower are the key to your success online.

How Do You Get Started Blogging? First, choose a blog platform. There are many different blogging platforms available online. I suggest that you use either WORDPRESS or BLOGGER. They are both FREE. I personally like WORDPRESS because it is easy to use and optimizes well for Google searches. Go to wordpress and register to set up a free account. Once you set up an account login to your site.

Next, choose a topic for your Blog, be specific. For example, rather than choose a topic such as: "Dogs" maybe a better topic would be "Obedience Dog Training". Once you have identified your topic then write entries called post to your blog. Just like a journal, writing a post often is important. Your entries do not need to be long, 300-500 words is ideal.

What Should You Say in Your Blog to Make Money on the Internet for Free? Write original content, if you need help with ideas visit other blogs and see what they are writing about. Then gather your own thoughts, put things in your own words and start writing. When writing, consider your reader and why they are reading your blog. Establish yourself as the expert. They need to feel that you have the knowledge or product that will make their life easier.

Whatever you have, they need it. Make it interesting and provide unique content. Do not copy other blog post; this will not help you in Google rankings. After all, that is what you are trying to do, rank high in Google searches. Once you rank high in Google searches you will have a continual flow of free internet traffic.

How Do You Make Money Blogging? Now that you have visitors coming to your site, you need to find a way to get their name and email address so that you can market products or services and sell to them. Let's say you chose the topic "Obedience Dog Training." To capture your visitors' information, you may want to offer a FREE e-book on "The 7 Myths of Dog Training." Now that you have your visitors' name and email, you have the right to make contact with them via email and start selling products or services.

In conclusion, blogging is a great way to Make Money on the Internet for Free . Here are the steps to blogging:

Choose a blogging platform
Choose a topic for your blog
Write unique content to post
Capture name and email
Up sell with new products or services

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