There are people who are brand new to the online business, so I decided to provide this simple guide to assist them in how to how to start a blog, which is the best for brand new members when they think they are ready.
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How To Set Up New Blog

There are people who are brand new to the online business, so I decided to spend a little of my time and write a small simple guide on how to how to start a blog, which is the best for brand new members when they think they are ready. This is a simple guide to assist them.

Registering a Domain

Your domain plays a very important role in SEO and is the first step in blogging. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. When registering a domain, there are few stuff you have to consider. The shorter the domain, the better. Your domain must contain your main keyword(s). I highly recommend or because of SEO. Make the domain easy to remember.

A domain like is way too long, even though it is right to the point, is a much better domain, if isn't available.

If you are going to make a site and you want to rank your domain for certain countries, like if you are going to make a site specifically for UK, then you would consider getting a UK domain extension (, and if you are Indian and will be writing in Indian language, then an Indian domain extension (.in) would work the best. This means if your domain extension is, then you would be targeting, since you want people from UK to come to you, and you would rank for

If your site is going for worldwide, then .com or .net is the best. But of course if you cannot afford $9-$10 then you would either have to wait for a $1 .com coupon from Godaddy, or you would have to buy a .info (which is from $0.9-$2.5, depending on the registrars). If you have $0, I would recommend you to go with since it's owned by, and is extremely easy to setup, and Google will help it rank (but not alone of course).

Here is a list of the top domain registrars.


The prices are different for different domain extensions.

Searching for a Web-Host

Web hosting is simply where you host your website, in better words, where you keep the site's files. This is needed for a site. Don't get frightened because I said files, you don't have to have any skills to make a site, you don't have to know how to code or design. 99 percent of the hosts have Fantastico, it is a tool which is you will get when you buy a host. Fantastico makes life simpler, There are many programs which you can install with one click using Fantastico, you will just have to enter the basic details (site title, description, email, username, password etc).

Well I recommend you to install WordPress (under "Blogs" in Fantastico). WordPress has extremely good plugins, and they are very easy to install, and surely will help in SEO and other stuff (depending on what plugins you use). And another reason to use WordPress is because WordPress has lots and lots of themes, any kind of theme you can think of, even company themes.

Here is a list of Paid Web Hosts:


List of Free Web Hosts (I recommend paid)


I am not sure if free hosts have "fantastico", but if they don't, it's very easy to install WordPress.


I have already mentioned the basics about WordPress, now once you have installed it etc, here are good plugins to use.

1. Google Analyticor
2. Redirection
3. Google XML Sitemaps
4. All in one SEO
5. WP Super Cache WP
'6. Top Commentators Widget
7. Contact Form7
8. Akismet SEO Friendly Images

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