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How to Turn your Blog into a Home Business Money Maker

Hundreds of thousands of new blogs are created every day, and many people who blog want to turn their blog into a profitable home business. Unfortunately many of those blogs are doomed because of a lack of planning.

You can turn YOUR new blog into a money-maker.

Just follow these five steps. Notice that you need to complete four of these steps before you start blogging, so follow the steps in the order in which they're given.

Here are the five steps to blog profits:

1. Decide what you'll sell from your blog

To generate profits, your blog must make sales. Nothing happens until you sell something, so choose a profit center first.

You can choose: to sell advertising from your blog; to sell a product or many products; or to sell services - your own services, or those of others.

Selling advertising is a common and successful method of generating profits. To sell advertising however, you need content - the more content on your blog, the better. So if you choose advertising sales as a profit center, be aware that although your profits may be slow in coming, they'll constantly increase as long as you keep adding content.

When you sell products from your blog, your profits will flow much more quickly. However, you do need to focus on sales, as well as on content.

If you choose selling services, make a list of the services you and/ or others will be offering from the blog.

2. How will you get traffic? Do you have some startup capital?

A couple of years ago you could rely on RSS almost completely to get traffic to your new blog. Those days however are long gone.

Make a list of ways you'll get traffic. If you have some startup capital, write down which methods of paid advertising you'll use, and when.

3. Plan your content - this is vital

Your next step is to plan your blog's content. Don't omit this step. Most bloggers stop blogging because they run out of things to say.

So write down your topics, and make a list of five to ten blog post titles for each topic. Your topics will become categories on your blog.

4. Schedule content creation and marketing into your day

If you want to turn your blog into a profitable home business, you'll need to blog every day.

When will you blog? Early in the morning, or late at night? Schedule at least an hour a day to work with your blog. During this time, you'll create content, and will market the blog. Schedule the hour into your day, and keep to your schedule.

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