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Start Your Own Blogging Business

Start Your Own Blogging Business

Blogging is the internet's newest surprise. Just when it appeared that the net was on track for exclusive corporate commercialization, blogging came along and detoured the whole hurtling freight train of money. Many consider this new phenomenon of blogging to be the Great Equalizer. Creative and considerate and chrismatic people are now able to bypass the usual corporate content publishers - such as magazine editors, music labels, television executives - and deliver work directly to their awaiting audiences.

If you haven't allowed yourself to wonder beyond your usual favorite web sites, you'll be surprised to find that the number of online journals, photo albums, music galleries, artist portfolios, and other personal sites have exploded in number. Thousands of people every day are discovering services and applications that make it easy to publish and distribute their creativity. As a result, new and original content is flooding the web, and creating an internet renaissance.

This book will help you understand the significance of the blogging phenomenon, and show you how people around the world are using blogging to cast off commonly accepted publishing procedures and keep the profits of their own work. it will show you how to follow the same path.

The material presented in this book is designed around a three-step process, which is called the "three Ps":

Step 1: Planning your Blog
Step 2: Publishing your Blog
Step 3: Profiting from your Blog

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