Five Ways To Promote Your Blog Without Spending Money by Michael Chibuzor

Hosting a blog has become so popular. Even the kids now own their blogs, and this is not going to end soon. I have been blogging for three years now and have learned some things that can increase your page views, site performance and overall page rank of your blog. However, in order to make money from your blog, you need to give it time. Don't believe what those sales copy tells you, it's not a get rich quick thing but it works if you persevere.

Listed below are Five ways I promote my blog. It has brought me massive traffic and still does. Take action today and share your success stories.

1. Press Release Distribution

I wonder why a lot of bloggers are not utilizing this traffic system. It's as powerful as anything you can think of. But writing a press release is quite different from every other form of writing. You write in the third-party, without persuading anyone to visit your site. If your release is good, you could attract the media and that can lead to your content being published on authority sites. You can't contain the targeted traffic that would come. Some press release distribution sites are free to begin, and I suggest you start from there. When you have seen the results, you will be motivated to invest into the paid ones.

2. Submit Tutorials

This is article marketing with a twist. A lot of people are looking for ways to do something - they need step by step tutorial that is easy to follow. Even though you are an expert on your niche, there are still beginners who are eager to visit your blog provided you have the guide for them. So to make this work for you, create a simple tutorial on how to do something. Maybe, how to optimize your web pages for Google ranking. If you're proficient with graphics, you can write a tutorial on designing logos and website headers. Link back to your blog for more information. You'll definitely get the traffic you've been looking for.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Start by researching your keywords. If you do this well, you would be attracting a handful of targeted traffic from organic searches. The most important approach to this, is to do your on-page optimization effectively. Make sure that any keyword you are targeting is on your Meta keywords section. If you fail to do this, you would appear as a spammer in the eyes of search engines, and they will not rank your site well. Also, enhance your internal links by cross-linking the pages and various posts.

4. Bum Marketing Method

Another way to promote your blog is by targeting long tail keywords. These are key terms that have more than three words. They are highly targeted and the conversion rate is usually high. Also, there are not much competing web pages on Google for long tail keywords. For instance, you can't possibly make it to the front page of Google for the term "weight loss tip." But when you target terms like "lose weight for women," you will rank highly on Google faster.

Side note: Long tail keywords have low search volumes. Make sure you target a handful of it, in order to get the amount of traffic needed to make good sales.

5. Comment On Niche Blogs

Find blogs in your niche and comment on them. Don't just spam with comments like "thank you, this is good!" but rather, make your own contribution especially when you are conversant with the topic of the post. But of course you should know a lot about the niche you are targeting. In any case, if you're just starting out, the best approach to posting comments is to make it interactive. Ask intelligent questions and reply to other people who participated. You'll get some decent traffic, when you do this consistently.

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