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How to Advertise Your Blog Or Website Free

There are many ways to advertise your website or blog for free. Advertising online is easy to do and just takes a few minutes in most cases, depending on what type of ad you're promoting. You can take the first step in starting your free advertising by doing a simple search for "free advertising" on any major search engine such as Google, Yahoo or MSN.

Remember when posting your ads, to bookmark the website where you posted the ad so you can return often to repost, edit or delete the ad or ads, as needed. You can save yourself a lot of time when placing multiple ads, by simply first typing your ads in Microsoft Word, then simply copying⁄pasting that information onto the online ad form fields.

Below are some ways you can start free advertising. Try all of these methods and see what works best for you. Keep in mind, free advertising can be time consuming and will take some manual work on your part but it's well worth it and will pay off in the long run.

Write articles then submit them to top article directories

There are many free blog websites like, blogger.com, wordpress.com and yahoo360.com that you can sign up with and start your own blog. Once you start blogging or writing articles, you can add a link to your website or blog in your article exposing your link to anyone who reads it. If you sign up to write articles on Squidoo.com, GoArticles or EzineArticles.com, your articles will automatically show up in search engines when someone does a search with your keyword from the article or blog you wrote, thus getting you free search engine exposure.

You can also write an article when you post your blog with the same content and add a link to that article on your blog as long as you still to the policies at that article website. Article marketing is one of the most effective and easy ways to get free traffic to your blog or website, thus getting you and your sites more exposure.

Post your website or blog to free Web Directories

You can find free web directories by doing searches for "free web directories". Keep in mind, two out of the three listed below require a business e-mail rather then your personal e-mail address such as yahoo, hotmail, or msn due to spam policies. The five largest free directories to submit to are dmoz.org, worldsiteindex.com, domaining.in, webworldindex.com, and searchsight.com.

Join Group Forums on Yahoo, Google and MSN

When you join group forums, you can post your ads free and they will be visible to all forum members once they log into the group forum or via e-mail if they sign up to receive their messages that way. Your ad will show up in the main forums, major search engine of the provider who provides the group forum and all forum member's inboxes. You should post your ads at least once every day or few days for your ad to be seen, otherwise rotating ads will replace your ad with the most recent post and your ad will most likely not be viewed. This method is very effective and free but requires a lot of time and maintenance.

Send your ads with free group forum mailers

Most group forum mailers will charge you a fee for this service but there are some that offer free trials. The great thing about these mailers is they already have a form set-up to mail your ad to all the group forums you have signed up with so instead of visiting each group forum and posting your ad manually, you do it all in one shot. Most group forum mailers require that you join the group forums they mail to before sending your ad out. This method can be very effective and can mean your ad reaching hundreds if not thousands per day! You will need to use the mailer at least once per day for your ad to be viewed.

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