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Beginner Basics for Making Money Online Using Blogs

I must have a hundred emails asking for help in setting up a money making enterprise online. Having talked with a few I have come to the conclusion that most beginners haven't got a clue as to what to do.

I mean basic stuff like;

  • do I need a website?
  • how do I set up a website
  • how do I find a Host? (what is a host?)
  • what do I do once I have a website?
  • what is affiliate marketing?
  • how does adsense and adwords work?
  • how do I make money with a website?
  • how do I get traffic?
  • how do I know what to sell?
  • what are niches?
  • how do I find a niche?
  • is there some way to do this without spending money?
  • what is the secret that successful money making online gurus know that I don't and why won't tell me? - etc...

Is this you?

If it is then read on and I will try and give a brief synopsis of the whole money making enterprise as it relates to online marketing. If you know the answers then skip this article.

“ The trick is to use article creation software that spews out original content that you can post to your blogs at preset intervals ”

The basic gist of online marketing.

There are several ways to make money online. The following are the most common approaches for doing this.

  • Google adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling your own products like eBooks. (using affiliates)

I will address Google adsense in this article and get into the Affiliate business in my next post.

Google adsense

This is by far the most common method to make money on the net. You place ads supplied by Google on your sites and every time someone clicks an ad you get paid by Google. Google gets paid by adwords advertisers and shares a portion with you. No one knows the exact ratio used by Google but conventional wisdom estimates your share at about 50 percent.

This system obviously means you need a website to place the ads on. Before running off and setting up a site let me recommend that you use blogs first. Blogs cost you nothing - and you can learn a lot about html and how to cut and paste code so that you will have some knowledge when you get around to building a website. There are advantages that websites have over blogs but for adsense revenue a website is not necessary.

The trick

Listen up because this is the secret to making money with adsense. You want to make thousands and thousands of blogs. You are shaking your head and thinking that you don't have the time or knowledge to make that many blogs. Nonsense - the big boys are doing it and they keep producing more blogs daily. Start small and grow, you won't make much in the beginning and will probably quit. Too bad because its what happens over time that makes you money.

“ The articles are really all fluff - coherent but don't really say anything - just a lot of generic phrases ”

When I started out I spent weeks putting together a website. I found a niche that averaged about 17000 queries a month on Yahoo (Google doesn't give this info but if Yahoo gets a query it is estimated that Google will get 3 to 4 times as many).

My niche has about 1,000,000 competitors (other websites listed by Google for my keyword - my keyword is Betta Fish). 1 million is considered a relatively small amount of competitors. I put together a real site, Betta Fish, paid for a hosting service, www.GoDaddy.com , uploaded all my pages and sat back and waited for the cash to roll in. The cash did not roll in - what was the problem? Traffic!

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