A Complete Guide to Freelance Blogging by Daisy Graham Jones

Freelance blogging is a great way to earn money from blogs. Many bloggers today on the internet are willing to pay to have someone blog on their behalf. Through it is not a passive income source; you can really make good amount of money from it. Also, it can take some time to produce and write good and quality articles.

At the beginning of your freelance blogging career, you'll get paid around $10.00 for each post you create. This is the most common price for the article. But as you build a reputation you can earn more than 10 times that price for the each article you create as a freelance blogger.

Things to Know at the Beginning

The first thing you should know before even looking for a Freelancing job is a satisfaction you're getting with it. It's not all about making money from it at the beginning; it's actually a fun thing to do especially if you enjoy writing.

You should also have patience for this. Yes, at the beginning you'll earn less dollars per article you write, but as your popularity and performances goes up - you'll actually get these jobs much more quickly.

Promote yourself

The best way to find writing jobs are through your own blog audience, of course, this is recommended for the beginners. You may also create a page saying you're available to hire. Also, you would put a price for your work and that depends on you of course. Those people who already read your blog or a website are the potential hirers of you.

There're so many other ways where you can get hired. I'd also recommend you to post descriptive and helpful posts on forums you regularly visit. This way you can build-up a thrust and others would like to hire you. Also, you might mention that you're available for hiring in your profile page, to let others know that you're available.

Online Freelancing Job Boards

There're a lot of places on the internet where advertisers pays for the talented writers and bloggers. There, you can apply for a job if you're meet the advertiser requirements.

Browsing through online freelancing job boards you'll find an impressive list of jobs related to the blogging. Also, you can find that many bloggers and webmasters ask for developers, web designers and practically anything you might know.

You should know that all these services allow you to place your own advertisements. Unfortunately, most of them are based on the paid inclusion. But, this way you can get a customer's much faster if you're willing to pay for some kind of online job.

Why do they hire?

There're many reasons why they hire a blogger. The most common reasons are listed below:

To improve traffic, popularity and visibility on the search engines
To build-up credibility and authority around their blogs
To get their blogs updated more regularly to keep visitors returning
To increase their own sales or leads for the products they offers

When someone hires a blogger to write for them, they usually have following factors in mind:

Can they write useful, unique and original article I actually can use?
Are they able to write good article, targeted to my audience and site niche?
Will I get more value back than what I pay to them?

You should care on which job you should apply. Take care about all information you can get and try to find an offer which will be most appropriate to you - according to the price and your knowledge of course.

How to improve chance to be Hired?

There're so many tips which you can apply and successfully attract others to hire you. The below tips can easily improve your chance to be hired by someone.

Writing Samples - It's the most important thing here. If you have a good developed blog, with many articles provided in. There's a much higher opportunity to someone hire you to write for the money if you have a well-stationed and well-trafficked quality blog.

Variety of Posts - Of course, you need to prove that you're capable to write an article related to their own requirements and topics. It's always good to create a test-post and send it to the potential hirer. This way a hirer can easily decide to hire you or not.

Other Proves - It's always good to tell them why they should hire you, instead other bloggers and job applicants. Good proves are skills in SEO, promotion and marketing techniques, image creation or anything you can use.

Think about it as a real job, try to fight for it. After you develop a good community and knowledge around you, you should get a job offers more often. At the beginning, try to convince them to hire you instead other bloggers by giving them proves and more information about you.

Freelance Jobs Prices

There're so many payment types for the freelance job you're applying to. The client can provide the price model he wants like: flat-price per post, price by the word-count or price determined by your post quality and update frequency.

Anyway, all prices and fees come down to negotiation, agreement, expectations, complexity and of course - blogger (that's you) experience and popularity.

If you're just starting out, don't expect to get more than $20.00 per post. But, for the experienced and proven blogger in a competitive niche, this value can rise up to 10 or even 20 more times up. You have to agree that's a very impressive price for just one article - right?

Final Thoughts

I've the experience in the freelance writing for other blogs. And I have to say that it's a very time-consuming job type. If you want to be paid successfully and right, you'll need to research a lot to create good and quality article for your client.

I do create a freelance deal from time to time, but I don't do that just because of money. Yes, I try to write an interesting and quality article to get paid for it when I need some money quickly. Also, I like to write and unfortunately I don't have so much time to get something serious with it right now.

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