Stop reading if you’re opposed to using physiological techniques. But if you'd like to use these techniques to boost response, generate more leads, and bring in a fast rush of profits, you need to remain glued to this article.
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Mysterious Mind-Twisting Psychological Copywriting Techniques!

Stop reading if you’re opposed to using physiological techniques that literally force readers of your sales letters and ads to do what you tell them.

But if you'd like to use these techniques to boost response, generate more leads, and bring in a fast rush of profits, you need to remain glued to this article as I’m presenting some killer techniques for using mind-twisting power on your prospects...

1) Tell Prospects Your Product Stinks!

Actually, I wouldn’t go that far. But by being straight with prospects and telling them the faults your product possesses, you can instantly boost the believability of your whole offer.

Here's how it works...

Explain in great detail all the desirable benefits of your product. And right when you begin to feel the prospect is going to start doubting a product can be so great, throw them a real ZINGER:

Tell them about a huge fault with your product and you’ll see some real magic. They instantly believe every claim you’ve made before this one word of truth.

Will they sacrifice one downfall of your product in exchange for the truckload of other desired benefits they can’t resist? You bet! And they’ll believe all your claims too!

2) Pour a Cold Glass of Water on Your Prospect and Engage Them

Ever read something, and then as you finish plowing through it, you wonder what the heck you just read?

When reading your sales letter becomes a chore, people tune out and then click away. So you’ve got to splash a cupful of cold water on their brain here and there throughout your copy and bring them into the here and now.

Using power words and phrases that everyone has seen a hundred times makes the mind react in a routine manner. But when you SHOCK the reader by making statements out of the ordinary, you instantly engage them and keep them very much inside your sales letter.

Even better, when you wake them up out of their trance, they’re much more receptive to what you’re saying.

So use words you don’t often see in advertising. Use phrases that capture their attention and keep them wondering why you’re referring to your product as the “Ultimate Companion For Tired Monkeys And Homemakers...

3) Use Power Adjectives Throughout Your Copy

What exactly is a power adjective?

Well, I assure you, it’s not your average adjective. It’s actually a word that seizes your prospect by the ears and gets inside their head. And when used properly, it actually makes the prospect begin to dream about owning your product. Powerful stuff!

The secret to using power adjectives is to select the words that create powerful visual images in your prospects mind. Make them actually see, taste, even smell your product as they use it. The results are simply amazing when you can get your product inside your prospect’s mind!

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