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Free eBook: Introduction to 802.11 Wireless

The growth of wireless mobile devices is incredible. If you're an IT professional you'll need to understand wireless technology. This free ebook by Aaron Balchunas explains everything from radio frequency to wireless authentication protocols.


802.11 Overview
Radio Frequency Overview
RF Signal Strength
RF Interference and Obstruction
RF Fresnel Zones
802.11 Channels
Preventing Channel Overlap
802.11 and Collisions
The 802.11 Amendments
Associating with a Wireless Access Point (WAP)
Wireless Equivalence Protocol (WEP)
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
802.1X and Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol (LEAP)
EAP with Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling (EAP-FAST)
EAP with Transport Layer Security (EAP-TLS)
Protected EAP (PEAP)

Click here to download free Introduction to 802.11 Wireless eBook now.

This Free eBook is in .ePub format. If you don't have a tablet (like the Nook) capable of reading .ePub format, You can get the Firefox EPUBReader Extension which let you read .ePub documents in the Firefox browser.

This material is provided free of charge by bucarotechelp.com with permission of it's author. For seven years Aaron Balchunas was a Cisco CCNA, CCNP, and CCSP instructor for Baker College in Michigan. He is co-owner of Simpli-Tech, Inc., a network consulting company. Additional material may be found at Aaron's website Router Alley.

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