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Become a Pharmacy Technician

There are many jobs in the healthcare industry to consider especially if you enjoy working in the medical field. Loving medicine, health, and people, might lead you to ponder about becoming a Pharmacy Technician. In addition, if you excel in the skills of accuracy and routine, then this position is definitely for you.

The role of a Pharmacy Technician primarily deals with preparing medical prescriptions for patients. This means he or she plays an important role in administering the aids and corrections the patient needs. He or she is the blood line for medications being properly made, packaged, and delivered to someone in need. His or her attention, care, and precision is critical for appropriate dosage for treatment. This position is not for the lackadaisical or passerby.

A pharmaceutical technician also deals with patient charts and doctor prescription transcribing. It will be crucial for these documents to be read with accuracy, so there is some prestige associated with this role. Both the medical staff and the doctor's patients will be relying on the Pharmacy Technician to bridge the gap of understanding and communication.

This position is one of the fastest growing in the industry. Over the next decade, Pharmacy Technicians can expect to see a 20 - 30% projected growth in their jobs. Within the healthcare industry, this is the highest percentage than any other job. Its stability and security relies on the fact that many baby boomers will continue to depend on these services that pharmacy techs provide.

Benefits of becoming a Pharmacy Technician include training with pharmacists for hands on experience. This will cut the learning curve and speed to expertise. The average new worker without hands on training needs at least six months just to become comfortable in this particular field. Having an assigned mentor to guide new technicians will be a great advantage to them.

Plus, the pay rate will be higher than many of their coworkers in the retail environment. The minimum salary rate for a Pharmacy Technician is over $30,000 a year. Most pharmacies are now open 24/7, every day of the year, so the hours are flexible and varied. The option of working full-time or part-time is also available to suit any lifestyle and schedule.

Hospital or retail environments is usually where these Technicians will be placed. The Companies employing them are known to value Pharmacy Technicians since they will be working very closely with medicine. Yet, the road does not stop there. Being in this position is also a great stepping stone to other positions in the pharmaceutical field.

Dorothy is a freelance writer, blogger, and entrepreneur. She loves reading, traveling, learning new skills and sharing useful sites like CBD College, a non profit healthcare career college in Los Angeles.

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