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No Software on the Market Removes All Spyware

Computer Spyware is software that, once it's on your system, starts spying on you in various ways. Typically taking on the appearance of software you might like and use, spyware is generally downloaded from the internet and installed onto your computer. Once installed on your computer, the malicious "spyware" will record what you do, websites you visit, information you enter in to forms, information about your computer, and send all the information it gathers back to a marketing company.

“ There is no single piece of software on the market that can detect and remove all spyware ”

Technical Information

Many years ago in the early 90's, some companies like Alladvantage.com, excite.com and others would pay you to install software on your PC that enabled them to monitor your computer habits. Companies have now realized that they don't have to pay you anything, they just find a way to have you install their software without you knowing that it is monitoring you. This is now called spyware.

Typical spyware tends to do the following:

1. Make your system less responsive and more prone to crashing. This is because it is constantly running in the background, sending information back and forth via the internet. Spyware programs use precious system resources and steal bandwidth from your internet connection.

2. Monitors your general internet habits. This can be particularly dangerous as can record your usernames and passwords for secure sites such as banking.

3. May be bundled with Trojans. This means that once you get one piece of spyware in your system it will often get other pieces and install them without your knowledge or consent.

Common Computer Spyware Programs

We regularly get questions about computer spyware from our users. Some of them are surprised when we tell them the names of common pieces of spyware, they had no idea some of the things they had downloaded were actually causing problems with their computers. In order to help educate computer users and keep their systems clean we have compiled a list of common spyware programs that most users will see on the internet.

You can check to see if you have them on your computer by looking in the add/remove programs list, they can usually be found there.

Hotbar, InternetOptimizer, ISTBar / AUpdate, KaZaA, Lop.com / LOP, Media Access, NaviSearch, n-Case, New.net, nLite, Port Scanner 1.1, PurityScan, SearchAssistant, ShopAtHome Agent (SAHAgent), SideFind, TIBS, Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Qoologic.g, Websearch Toolbar, Win-dh, WinTools, XXXToolbar, 180Search Assistant, abxtoolbar, Advanced KEYLOGGER, Advanced Remote Info, AntivirusGold, BearShare, BetterInternet, BlazeFind, BrowserPal, Cashback, Clocksync, CoolWebSearch, Dashbar, Date Manager, D-Helper web driver, Ebates Moe Money Maker, Elitetoolbar, ErrorGuard, Ezula, Gator / GAIN, HomeSearchAssistant.

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