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Video - Protect Your Files with Free SafeHouseExplorer Encryption Application

This video by Peter Avritch, President of PC Dynamics, Inc. describes how to use their free encryption application SafeHouse Explorer.

Transcript including my comments:

Here's what you should be worried about; if someone breaks into your home, they have access to your file cabinet. In your file cabinet you have many documents containing your name, social security number, bank account numbers, and loads of other personal information which makes it a breeze to steal your identity.

You can shred much of this paperwork, but there are certain documents containing personal information that you just have to keep. The solution is to scan these documents, encrypt the scanned images, and place them on a portable drive that you can hide.

What you'll need is a small portable encryption program that you can keep on the portable drive so that you can be confident that you'll be able to decrypt and access those documents if you need them.

Microsoft has a portable file encryption application called BitLocker To Go, but it only comes with Windows 7 Enterprise editions. Most of us have, at best, Windows 7 Home Premium edition.

There is also an open-source file encryption application called TrueCrypt that can be run in portable mode, but it's a very complex program and you need administrator privileges in order to run it in portable mode.

SafeHouse Explorer is a file encryption application that is simple to use and is light weight so its executable can stored on a USB flash drive along with an encrypted volume, allowing you to access the encrypted files, without administrator privileges, using your password, on any PC.

SafeHouse Explorer is software for your Windows PC which is used to lock, hide, and protect your confidential files and folders from being accessed by anyone but you.

This is done using passwords and strong encryption combined with a completely familiar look and feel. The program closely resembles Windows explorer, except that you're required to enter your password before gaining access to any of the protected files.

You decide which folders and files to protect, then just drag and drop them into an open SafeHouse Explorer window, just like you do now with Windows Explorer. This works with any kind of file, including Microsoft Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Photos, Videos, and pretty much any other kind of document you may have. You can protect files located on hard drives, memory sticks, file servers, and anywhere else.

You start by creating a data vault to hold your files. You pick the size, location, and secret password. You can create as many of these vaults as you like, they're just large container files.

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