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Restrict Web Browsing With Internet Explorer

Regulating web browsing can prevent children (and workers) from accessing dangerous content on the internet, or having to make judgment calls over suitable relationships in chat-rooms. The fact is, web sites, chat-room users and downloaded programs may not have the best interests of you and your family at heart. The unscrupulous may try to manipulate the people you care about, or try to gain trust, which may result in unacceptable access to your family, your computer, or personal information.

You can block access to unwanted web content. Here's how to do so with a basic Parental Control tool included free with Windows: Content Advisor. We also examine other software titles with extended features that can help keep your family in safe territory.

1. In Internet Explorer's main menu, select "Tools", and at the bottom of the Tools submenu, select "Internet Options".

Turn on Content Advisor

2. In the Internet Options dialog box choose the [Content] tab and click on the [Enable] button.

Change the Rating Settings to block types of content

3. Select filter settings for the categories shown: Language, Nudity, Sex, Violence. The further right you push the slider, the more content is allowed.

The Approved Sites list

4. Click on the Approved Sites tab. Here you can type in any specific websites that you might want to be treated specially. You can come back and change this list later, perhaps after feedback from your family.

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