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How to Fix "ICACLS" Error

The "Icacls" executable file is responsible for launching the Icacls program. The Icacls program is a command line function which can set and change file system permissions in Windows system servers. It controls file permissions ranging from basic permissions like reading, writing and executing to file ownership and integrity levels. It has been in use since Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003.

Fixing the Icacls error

Like many EXE files, errors may be caused by damaged system files and invalid registry entries. Seeing errors like "icacls.exe not found" and "icacls.exe is not a valid win32 application" are clear signs that fixing is needed. There are various ways to get rid of this error and not one of them require you to become a PC repair genius!

Check your system for Malware and Viruses

EXE files are basically harmless files, but because of their relatively small size and prevalence over the internet, EXE files have been the ideal "vessels" for malicious files such as malware and viruses.

You can get malicious files by:

Downloading attachments from suspicious emails
Accessing high-risk websites (e.g. pornographic sites, illegal download sites, etc.)
Installing a program from a questionable source
Not installing a quality antivirus / antispyware program

It's wise to make scanning your system a habit. If you are a heavy internet user, that makes you more susceptible to attacks from harmful software. Make sure that you have a quality antivirus program installed and make sure that it is running at all times.

Use Disk Cleanup to rid your computer of junk

Over time and extended use, the computer accumulates junk files that can lead to an overloaded system. This slowdown may affect other programs like the Icacls programs. Taking out system junk may end up not only resolving the icacls error but also make your computer run faster.

Running Disk Cleanup (Works for Windows XP above)

1. Click the Start button on your screen or the Windows key on your keyboard.
2. Without hitting enter, type "cmd" on the search box.
3. Hold "ctrl+shift" and press enter. A dialog box which will ask for your permission will appear. Click Yes. This will enable you to run on administrator mode.
4. Type "cleanmgr" on the command prompt and press enter.
5. If your hard disk is partitioned, choose which drive has the icacls "dll".
6. Disk Cleanup will now go to work. It will search for files that you can delete. It might take a while depending on how big your disk is. Please be patient as the program runs.
7. Check all the items that you wish to clean up. Choosing "Temporary Files" is recommended. Click OK.

Undo changes to your system by doing System Restore

Whenever you make changes in your computer, like installing new programs and applying updates, Windows may set up "restore points". These restore points enable you to revert your system files to their previous state. What makes System Restore a very powerful tool is that it can revert system settings without affecting other files like documents and media files.

Starting from Windows 7, the option to manually add restore points has been available.

Creating your own restore point (Windows 7 and above only):

1. Click "Start" and right-click "Computer".
2. Click "Properties". This should open the System Control Panel.
3. Click "System Protection" on the left. The System Properties window should open.
4. Click "Create". A window asking for a description for the restore point should appear. Type any description of your liking, and then, click "Create".

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