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A Quality Freeware Hardware Diagnostic Tool

#1-TuffTEST-Lite by the #1-PC Diagnostics Company is a fully functional freeware PC hardware diagnostic tool that has no time limit or restrictions on its use. Download #1-TuffTEST-LITE from tufftest.com The 250KB freeware download, ttlsetup.exe, is a self extracting Windows Installation Wizard.

The #1-TuffTEST-Lite setup program provides detailed step-by-step guidance for you to create a floppy disk containing #1-PC Diagnostics proprietary self-booting operating system. The setup Wizard opens a DOS Window to create the self-booting floppy Disk, therefore, it is important that your operating system is configured to allow running a DOS program under Windows.

The setup Wizard may not run properly on systems that have autoexec.bat or config.sys files that have strange modifications, for example, to run DOS games that can't run under Windows in a DOS window. After you create the self-booting floppy disk, make sure the "Boot Order" in your BIOS is set to boot from "A" first.

Restart your computer with the diskette in your floppy drive. Your computer will boot from the floppy and begin running a series of diagnostic tests to check your computers CPU, RAM, display, floppy drive, hard drive, serial port, and parallel port. When the test session is complete, it reports OK or Fail for each test. You can print the test report or save it to the program diskette.

#1-TuffTEST-Lite is a smaller version of the company’s $9.95 #1-TuffTEST diagnostic program. The lite version tests 8MB of RAM and 540 MB fixed disk compared to 3.5 GB of RAM and 2000 GB fixed disk for the standard version. The lite version tests one parallel port and one serial port compared to 3 parallel ports and 4 serial ports for the standard version.

I found this utility very powerful easy and fun to use. Unfortunately it does not test anything related to the Windows operating system itself, and as we all know, it's when Windows gets hold of your hardware that the problems start. But at least it gives you confidence that any PC problems you have are in Microsoft's buggy Windows operating system and not in your hardware.

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