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Paint.Net Ink Sketch, Oil Painting, and Pencil Sketch Artistic Effects

Paint.Net is a graphics editing and processing application similar to Photoshop(R) and GIMP, except Photoshop cost between $100 and $1000 dollars and GIMP is has a steep learning curve. What I like most about Paint.Net (besides the fact that it's free and can be downloaded from Paint.NET) is it's ease-of-use to power ratio. Very easy to use, lots of power.

When downloading Paint.NET be alert to click on the proper download link and not some huge banner ad button that downloads crapware along with Paint.NET.

Paint.NET Effects menu

If you select Artistic in Paint.NET's Effects menu, you'll see three items that apply very interesting and useful effects. Let's appy the Ink Sketch effect to the image shown below.

Original maple leaf image

When you select the Ink Sketch effect, the slider control dialog box shown below appears, allowing you to set the amount of ink and the amount of color used for the effect.

Ink Sketch effect slider control

Ink Sketch effect

Shown above is the result of the Ink Sketch effect. Very professional looking, and I didn't even have to change the default settings.

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