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Keywords Meta Tag Generator

Meta tags are tags placed in the head section of a webpage that are not visible to the website visitor, but that provide information to the web browser, web server, and search engine robots. Some search engine robots use the keywords meta tag to determine when your webpage should be included in the search results.

Paste the html code from the body of your webpage into the text box below and enter the number of keywords you would like in your keyword meta tag (default is set to 30). If you have Java Script code in your document, you might want to strip that out before pasting it in the box.

Number of keywords:

Keyword Meta Tag:

Note: Since this application works by identifying and filtering out html tags, you can't use greater than (>) or less than (<) charaters in your text. In fact, in any text for the web, you should always replace any greater than charaters with the code &gt; and replace any less than charaters with &lt;.

By the same token, you should not use the & character in your text. Use the word "and" instead. The & character denotes that a character code follows, so if by some chance certain characters end up next to the & in your text, it could cause problems.

The html code for a keyword meta tag is based on the frequency that a word appears in your webpage. This application filters out useless connector words like "and", "the", and "with". You can always edit the keyword list in the tag. Remove keywords you don't like, add keywords you want, combine keywords into keyword phrases. When satisfied, paste the meta tag code in the head section of your webpage.

Note: I make no claims for the quality or accuracy for this application. If you find an error in the meta tag you can advise me via this website's Contact Form.

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