Professional Cake Decorator - Could This Be Your Dream Job? by Patrick Morgan

If you love the idea of conjuring up exotic dream desserts and designer cakes for your friends and family members, or find the idea of decorating cakes a thrilling one, then maybe you are the perfect candidate to take up the job of a professional cake decorator. It will surely give a vent to your creativity and give you an opportunity to earn while you do something that you love.

It might come as a surprise to you that jobs like a professional cake decorator exist and you would definitely want to know the process to become one.

What Is a Professional Cake Decorator

Just like anyone doing a job that is a main source of income, a cake decorator too is a person trained to produce a variety of exclusive designs on cakes and pastries as a major source of earning. This professional works with all the aspects of cake making that include putting together the simplest of desserts to making more complex, multi-tiered creations. The job of a professional cake decorator involves full knowledge and understanding of all the aspects, especially the type of icings, frosting, and fillings that make the cake attractive.

The professional has complete expertise on all the issues that involve fundamentals of baking like - the type of ingredients, various ways of blending and baking and techniques of decoration. In addition, the most important qualities are that unique creativity and passion for excellence.

The professional cake decorator should of course have knowledge of special functions that demand specialized cakes, for example, the various types of wedding cakes and the cakes that are made for large gatherings at elite parties.

Need For Training For This Type of Career

Practically, there is no need to have formal training for being a professional cake decorator. This is especially so if someone has adequate hands-on training or has been brought up in an environment where there was enough scope of learning by doing or watching. Nevertheless, it always helps to have additional knowledge and therefore having a degree or a diploma would obviously be useful in getting more ideas and knowledge.

There would certainly be new issues, which you would learn when doing formal training. In addition, if you wish to take up this as a profession in some big hotel they might insist on such a certificate. Therefore, it is always better to take a professional certificate course that is accredited by the American Culinary Federation or recognized by the appropriate government body of your country.

Benefits of Professional Training

There is an increase in your knowledge base, which always helps in taking up this profession.
You can learn a number of important skills when you undergo these professional training classes.
Public relations are very important these days therefore when you undergo training you come across many people of the same interest and would be able to make good connections.
Taking up formal classes gives you a certificate that you can include in your resume and such an official portfolio goes well with the employers.

Salaries Expected as a Professional Cake Decorator

A Professional Cake Decorator is a specialized job requiring certain expected skills and therefore the salary that you would get would-be covered by your level of creativity, skill and experience. It also varies from country to country and the type of clientele you pursue.

In case you are trying to start your own business there are many factors that would determine the salary that you would earn. A professional cake decorator can earn a good salary by keeping track of various events like weddings, festivals like Christmas, birthdays etc and having a satisfied clientele that spreads the word around. As in all occupations where you are self employed, word of mouth is extremely important.

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