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CompTIA Strata Study Guide

CompTIA Strata Study Guide

CompTIA is a non-profit information technology trade association. CompTIA's certifications are designed by subject matter experts from across the IT industry. Each CompTIA certification is vender-neutral, covers multiple technologies, and requires demonstration of skills and knowledge widely sought after in the IT industry.

With the rapid advancement of computer and computer networking technology, achieving CompTIA certifications like CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ or CompTIA Security+ has become more difficult. Add to that the fact that many jobs in the IT or technology-related fields don't require the in-depth knowledge required for these career fields, and CompTIA developed the Strata certification.

Many IT or technology-related fields, such as system administrator, sales engineer, account manager, and business development manager, don't require the ability to totally disassemble and re-assemble a server or to design a network from scratch. The CompTIA Strata certification covers the technology of computer hardware basics, compatibility issues and common errors, software installation and functions, and security risks and prevention. The exam accesses the candidate's knowledge of green IT and preventative maintenance of computers.

Contents at a Glance:

Part 1 Understanding Computer Hardware
Chapter 1 Processors and Memory
Chapter 2 Input and Storage Devices
Chapter 3 Peripherals and Networking
Part 2 Installation, Maintenance, and Upgrades
Chapter 4 Setting Up a Computer
Chapter 5 Maintaining a Computer
Chapter 6 Installing and Configuring Software
Chapter 7 Updating and Upgrading Hardware
Part 3 Troubleshooting and Security
Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Operational Problems
Chapter 9 Security and Access Control
Chapter 10 Safe, Legal, and Green Computer Usage

Book includes CD with Sybex Test Engine including:

All the review questions covered in the book
Challenging questions representative of those you'll find on the real exam
Six practice exams available only on the CD
An assessment test to narrow your focus to certain objective groups
Electronic flash cards to jog your memory as last minute preparation for the exam

Not only is CompTIA Strata certification important for IT or technology-related career fields that don't require the in-depth knowledge of the more advanced certifications, but Strata certification can also be a stepping-stone to the higher certifications. Strata is an excellent pursuit for individuals preparing to enter the IT workforce and professionals changing careers to IT or technology-related fields. Click here for more information.

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