Configure Windows 10 to Search Windows Only

Unfortunately, by default Windows 10 taskbar Search is configured to "Search the Web and Windows", which first connects to Microsoft's bing search engine and searches Microsoft's Windows Store. When I use Search, I don't want to go shopping, I want to search my computer. And If I want to search the Web, I'll use Google. If you feel the same way, here's how to configure Windows 10 to Search Windows Only:

1. Select the Search box next to the "Start" button.

2. Click Settings (next to the gear icon) - a menu of Cortana options appears.

windows Search Settings

3. Set "Cortana can give you suggestions ..." to Off.

4. Set "Search online and include Web results" to Off.

The search box will now say "Search Windows" instead of "Search the Web and Windows" or "Ask me anything".

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