Windows 7 Tweaks

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A Comprehensive Guide on Customizing, Increasing Performance, and Securing Microsoft Windows 7

This book provides you with the ultimate collection of hidden gems that will enable you to get the most out of Windows 7. Packed with more than 400 pages of insider tips, this book delves beneath the surface to reveal little-known ways to tweak, modify, and customize Windows 7 so you can get every ounce of performance from your operating system.

Regardless of your experience with tweaking your system, you'll find fascinating and fun tips and tricks for getting under the hood of Windows 7 that will allow you to optimize its appearance, speed, usability, and security.

This book shows you how to customize boot and login screens, supercharge your network and online speed, get rid of features that drive you nuts, fine tune your User Account Protection, and more

Analyze the performance of your PC and learn how specific components can be optimized
Security is improved in Windows 7 but the most powerful and flexible settings are hidden from normal users
Understand the different versions, choose what you need, and install Windows 7
Customize startup and navigation, including the Taskbar and Windows Explorer interface
Tweak Windows Media Player and Media Center for your specific needs
Optimize the file system, RAM, and other core Windows components
Analyze performance to find and fix bottlenecks
Take command of User Account Control and secure your data
Improve online security and guard your privacy

This book unlocks hidden gems for optimizing the appearance, speed, usability, and security of the Windows 7 Operating System.

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