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A Guide to Cleaning Your Mouse

Wireless Mouse Have you noticed your mouse gets a bit erratic or unresponsive? The problem may simply be grit and grime - plain or dirt! Both optical and mechanical mice suffer from the accumulation of dirt and oils from our hands and dust on the mousing surface. Here are the directions you need to give your mouse a good bath!

Optical Mouse

Optical Mouse An optical mouse uses a light-emitting diode (LED) and an optical sensor to navigate the pointer. If the pointer on the screen does not move smoothly with the optical mouse, you might need to clean the mouse. To clean the optical mouse, follow these simple steps:

1. Turn off your computer.

2. Disconnect the mouse cable from the computer.

3. Turn the mouse upside down to look at the lens.

If there is a smudge on the lens, gently clean the area with a plain cotton-tipped swab.

If there is debris in the lens, gently blow the debris away from the area.

4. Check the surface on which you are using the mouse. If you have a very intricate picture or pattern beneath the mouse it may be difficult for the digital signal processor (DSP) to determine changes in the mouse position. Also, Mouse Pads get dirty and need to be replaced - it is recommended that you replace your mouse pad every year.

5. Reconnect the mouse cable to the computer.

6. Turn your computer back on.

Mechanical Mouse

Mechanical Mouse The non-optical mouse uses a ball to navigate the pointer. To clean a non-optical mouse:

To clean a mouse with a ball, follow these steps:

1. Turn off your computer.

2. Disconnect the mouse cable from the computer.

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