DIY Disk Cleanup Program No Tech Need, No Tool Need by Eric Wang

Have you ever noticed your computer system free space reduces from day to day? Does your computer runs slower and slower day by day?

WHY?! Because Windows will generate quite a lot of junk files during installing and using, For instance, temporary files. (*. Tmp, *. _mp) log files (*.log), temporary help files (*.gid), Windows file fragment (*. Chk), temporary backup files (*. Old, *. Bak) and other temporary files. Especially if you do not clear up the temporary file " Temporary Internet Files " of IE, the buffer memory file will take up the disk space more than hundreds MB.

Not only have these junk files wasted the valuable disk space, but also made the system as slow as a snail. Can you tolerate this situation?! No! It is suffering! It is torturing! So you should clear up the systematic junk files regularly to keep the system "slim" and that will make the Net surfing smoothly and easily!

Now let us learn how to clean the systematic junk out! Just two simple steps to DIY your own Disk Cleanup program.

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad, copy the following text, click Save as, choose Save in as Desktop ,type the filename as "DiskCleanUp.bat" (Without quotes), choose Save as as "All files", then click [Save] button. Finish.

Note: The file suffix name must be ".bat".

That's it. Your own "Disk Cleanup" program is done. Double click it will clear up junk files in your System. It may take 1 or 2 minutes until finish running.

The following is the file content.

@echo off
echo cleaning the system junk file, wait a moment.....
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%*.tmp
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%*._mp
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%*.log
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%*.gid
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%*.chk
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%*.old
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%recycled*.*
del /f /s /q %windir%*.bak
del /f /s /q %windir%prefetch*.*
rd /s /q %windir%temp & md %windir%temp
del /f /q %userprofile%cookies*.*
del /f /q %userprofile%recent*.*
del /f /s /q "%userprofile%Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files*.*"
del /f /s /q "%userprofile%Local SettingsTemp*.*"
del /f /s /q "%userprofile%recent*.*"
echo ********************************************************
echo Junk files cleaned.
echo Need PC help? Visit to fix your PC instantly
echo ********************************************************
echo. & pause

Double click this file whenever you need to clean those junk files. When screen displays" Junk files cleaned", a "slim" system is back! See your fast system back? Do you think it useful?

P.S. Someone ask me whether it will delete the critical files in windows? Answer: NO! It just deletes the junk files and never damages your system.

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• This script NOT created nor verified by Bucaro Techelp - use at your own risk. You'll probably need to login as System Administrator for it to work.

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