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A Simple Guide To Installing Laptop Memory

Assuming and hoping that your laptopís memory has not yet been maxed out, you can quite easily install a laptop RAM module that will appreciatively give you more speed and improved performance. You could get it done by a professional, but why? This is an extremely simple job that takes no time at all which does not justify the exorbitant expense. Believe me, if I can do it so can you.

Let's now look at the step-by-step instructions for installing laptop memory.

1. What Do You Need?
All you need is a screwdriver that will fit the screws on your laptop cover and a compatible laptop SODIMM memory module. An anti static wrist strap is not mandatory but may be helpful.

2. Memory Module
Purchase a compatible memory module from your nearby electronics retailer, from an on-line store or directly from your laptop manufacturer. I would advise the latter but that is not always necessary as long as you ensure compatibility.

3. Power Off
Turn off your laptop, disconnect it from its adaptor and the power source.

4. Finding the memory compartment
The memory compartment on most (but certainly not all) laptops is located on their underside. I suggest that you brows through your laptopís manual to verify.

Finding the memory compartment

5. Removing the Cover
Using a screwdriver that fits, unfasten the holding screw or screws and carefully lift the cover off.

6. Viewing the Memory Slots
You are now looking at your laptopís memory slot or slots. Depending on your laptop model and its configuration, you may have one, two or three memory slots. One is, of course, occupied with the existing memory module already installed. If your laptop features only one memory slot, you will need to removed and replace it with the new higher RAM module. If your laptop, on the other hand, has one or two empty slot or slots available to you then that is where you will install the new memory module.

7. Removing the Existing Memory Module
To remove the existing memory module for replacement with the new one, release the ejector clips on either side of the module by pulling on both of them simultaneously. The module should pop up enough to enable you to grab a hold of its edges. Lift it off carefully and stored in an anti static bag for a possible although unlikely need to reinstall it.

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