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How to Use Windows Explorer's Built in FTP Client

Most webmasters maintain their websites through their host provider's control panel (cpanel), or using a separate FTP (File Transfer Protocol) utility. Many don't realize that Windows File Explorer (not Internet Explorer) has a built in FTP client. This makes it easy to transfer files from your desktop to your website.

Before you attempt to use Windows Explorer for FTP make sure you have your FTP account login information handy. You'll need:

Your domain name
Your ftp user name
Your FTP password

With your account information handy, open Windows Explorer. You can do this by pressing the [Windows Key] + [e]. In Windows Explorer address bar, click just to the right of the current entry to highlight it, and replace it with ftp://username@domain.com. After a short delay you should be connected to your webserver and a login box should appear.

Webserver login box

Enter your FTP account username and password in the login box and click on the [Log On] button. After a short delay Windows Explorer should display a file listing of the root of your website.

You can now navigate the directory structure of your website and drag and drop files from your computer to your webserver, or delete files and folders on your webserver.

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