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Web Design Terms Defined

Web design definitions can be confusing for those venturing into the web design field for the very first time. Here is a list of web design definitions to ease your problems.

Web design is the most basic term you come across. Web design refers to the design aspects such as a webpage, graphic design and content production, of a website.

Web development is yet another term commonly used with web design. The term relates more to the technical process of building a website such as coding and writing markup.

Responsive design is all about how your web design responds to the device people use. It should adjust to mobile, desktop or tablet, whichever device individuals use to view your website and look same on all the mediums.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of website optimization so that it shows up in search results page.

Search Engine Result Page or SERP is the page where every website wants to be ranked higher.

Above the fold, term refers to the part of the website that you see on the screen before scrolling down the page. It is here where the important web content should reflect. Under the fold is the page after the page breakup.

Infinite scroll is a website design term that allows users to scroll down to new content, without moving into separately loaded pages.

Google AdWords is generally used for SEO as a tool that involves using certain keywords for business bidding. This causes their website or ads to show up on search result page.

Web hosting is a platform where a website is hosted. It is where all the components of your website are stored.

UX or User Experience? refers to the experience of a user in terms of website usability, engaging design, accessibility, and navigation.

Call to Action are specific images or texts used to urge visitors of the website to act, either by subscribing, commenting, sharing etc. It uses action-oriented words.

Meta Description generally occurs after the content title but before the main body. It is a short description of what is on the web page. This small snippet is very important for SEO as it can help boost your rankings when right keywords are used.

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is the computer language that is used to display texts, images, and links.

Back End is the place where a website is controlled and altered. [webmaster note: actually the "back end" is where the data for a data driven website is stored, usually in some sort of data base.

URL is the abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator where the website address can be found on the internet.

Content Management System is a tool that handles the website's content and separates from site's design. This makes it easy to change the content without interfering with the design.

RSS or Rich Site Summary publishes frequently changing information on your websites such as blog posts or news, by using web feed formats.

Bounce rate signifies the number of visitors leaving your website after just viewing a single page. Slow loading pages and difficult content might be the reasons for higher bounce rate.

Cookies are small files that are stored on the user's computer by a website. These cookies can be used to track a user's movements across the website.

Conversion rate refers to the number of users that take the desired action on your website. For the e-commerce website, it means buying a product and for a blog, it might mean subscribing to newsletters.

White Hat SEO refers to techniques through which search engine rankings are improved. Adhering to search engine guidelines and writing interesting content for your visitors are great techniques of White Hat SEO.

Here is a quick guide to all the frequently used terms of the web design world.

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