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Five Useful Design Sites for Creating Content

Not all of us are gifted designers or even have an inkling as to how to design anything, let alone gorgeous content. There's lots of options out there such as paying someone on Fiverr to design content for you, or finding a great graphic on a stock site, but sometimes you just need a well-designed blog or website image, and you need it fast. Never fear, here are five sites that will help you design content online and for free!


Canva is the new kid on the block and making a pretty big splash. This design program makes it so simple to create visually appealing content. Choose from their many templates including an email header, social media, presentation, infographic, poster, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter cover photos and posts, blog graphics, flyers, business cards, and even design a Kindle eBook cover. Once you choose your template, you can add your own image, or choose a free or paid image through Canva, then add pre-made graphics, and text. It doesn't get much simpler than that.


Although more of a photo editor, PicMonkey gives you the ability to add in design elements such as text, graphics, and textures. They don't have as many design options as Canva, but they're still easy to use and have plenty of photo editing elements.


Easel.ly is mostly templates for infographics. You choose the design you want and then you fill in your information - presto, you have yourself a professional looking infographic! But Easel.ly can be used for more than just infographics. Pick a design and edit it any way you want. That means you could make that design into a flyer, poster, or visual content.


Also more of a photo editor than a design program, Pixlr is reminiscent of Adobe Photoshop. It packs plenty of filters to apply to your images. Like Photoshop, you can draw on your images, smooth them, smudge them, blur them, draw shapes, and apply text.


YouiDraw gives you three options to choose from; Drawing, Logo Creator, and Painting. Drawing gives you templates for banners, buttons, infographics, business cards, gift cards, advertising, invitations, posters, t-shirts, and more. Logo Creator creates vector logos, icons, and web elements. Paint, on the other hand, is just that, a paint program. You can upload a photo and use brushes to paint, add text, or draw shapes.

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