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Use Datalist Tag to Specify Pre-defined Text for Input Element

The HTML5 <datalist> element allows the designer to provide a list of suggested values for a text input box. If the user doesn't like any of the items in the list, they can still type their own text into the text box. Example code for a datalist is shown below.

<datalist id="autobrand">
  <option value="Fiat-Chrysler">
  <option value="Ford Motor Company">
  <option value="General Motors">
  <option value="Tesla Motors">
  <option value="Toyota Motor Company">

<label for="autobrand">Auto Brand <input type="text" list="autobrand" name="autobrand"></label>

Use the list attribute in the <input> element to associate it with the id of its respective datalist.

Note the datalist is similar to the select list, except the select list does not allow the user to enter a value not in the list.

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