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JavaScript Character Escape Sequences

Certain characters have programming meaning to the Java Script interpreter, so you may have problems with them when using them in a string. For example a string is enclosed in either single or double quotes. You can't use the same type of quote within the string because when the Java Script interpreter comes upon it, it will think it has reached the end of the string. Another example is if you want to put a new line in a string, you just can't hit the keyboard [Enter] key.

If you need to use one of these characters in a string, you need to substitute it with an "escape sequence". Sometimes escape sequence is called "escape characters". The sequence of characters in an escape sequence informs the Java Script interpreter of how to interpret the characters. Shown below are the most useful escape sequences.

CharacterEscape Sequence
' \'
" \"
\ \\
new line\n
tab \t

Shown below is an example of using escape sequences.

This will not work:

var myString = "The file you seek is in the "toys\games" folder";

The same string with characters substituted with escape sequences:

var myString = "The file you seek is in the \"toys\\games\" folder";

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