You've probably heard about a company called ClickBank. ClickBank is an online retailer of 10,000 digital products. To become an affiliate, simply sign up and search the ClickBank marketplace for products to promote. Sounds simple, but lets look a little deeper.
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Five Things You Should Know Before Becoming a ClickBank Affiliate

You've probably heard about a company called ClickBank and wondered, is it really that easy to make money online? I guess I would have to ask you what you consider easy. I could offer an answer of yes and no, but that wouldn't really help you would it? Before we address the issue of making money with ClickBank, first let's learn who and what ClickBank is.

ClickBank was founded in 1998 as an online retailer of 10,000 digital products. By digital I mean, e-books (electronic books) and⁄or software products that are delivered immediately upon purchase, and are downloaded onto your computer. Some sales are final upon completion or purchase, but there are also products that one could purchase that incurs a monthly fee. Which means, the affiliate Sales are made utilizing ClickBank's services every three seconds. ClickBank serves over 200 countries and is consistently ranked as one of the most highly trafficked sites on the web. With that being said, do you believe that you could earn money as an affiliate of ClickBank? Let's find out!

Promoting ClickBank products is an easy way to convert your online skills into cash.

To become an affiliate, simply sign up and provide all necessary information, such as your mailing address, banking information, and social security number. You then search the ClickBank marketplace for products to promote, input your hoplink (product link containing your affiliate number) into your marketing campaign and that's it. Sounds real simple huh? It is, but lets look a little deeper. There's always more information lurking behind the scenes.

First let's address the issue of giving out your social security number to ClickBank. You might be wondering why this is necessary. I believe he's called Uncle Sam. He needs to know every move you make, but more importantly, how much money you make. You are required to report your earnings to the IRS. So understand, it's not that ClickBank wants this information, they are required by the IRS to have it.

Now, let's briefly touch on the following subjects regarding ClickBank:

• How to find a CB product to promote
• Payment Threshold
• Dormant accts
• Fees

How to find a CB product to promote:

What's hot? If you're someone who's always in the know, you shouldn't have a problem finding out what the latest hot item is. ClickBank has thousands of products, so it will be somewhat of a challenge to figure out which product to promote. As any good marketer of CB will tell you, make sure it's a product that you would use or that you have purchased. That doesn't mean that you have to buy every product that you promote, but if you are closer to the information, then you're better able to promote it.

For instance, if you're an avid gardener, you're better off promoting a product on gardening versus a product on how to end debt. You may want to seek out resources that will help you locate a niche product. This resource should also provide you with tools that help you market more efficiently.

CDR (Customer Distribution Requirement):

Let's say you earn $100 in commissions and of course you're sitting and waiting for your check to arrive. Well, before you get too happy, you should know that ClickBank will withhold payments for the following reasons: You must have acquired sales that were made with 5 or more different credit card numbers. You must also have sales made with two different payment methods (either Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal). PayPal purchases do not count toward the minimum 5 different credit card numbers. Once you have met the Customer Distribution Requirement, your account will begin issuing payments.

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