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Seven Reasons Why You Should Start with Affiliate Programs by David McKenzie

There are thousands of business opportunities online. Most of them require some capital to start with. Not affiliate programs! Here are seven reasons why you should consider joining an affiliate program as your home based business.

1. Joining an affiliate program requires no outlay of capital. That's right, none! You can join an affiliate program for free and start promoting the product immediately.

2. The internet marketing tools are already provided for you. A "top" affiliate program will supply you with lots of affiliate marketing tools that are "ready to go". You just copy and paste and put your affiliate code in. Then you start selling.

3. You do not need a product. It takes a LOT of time to develop your own product to sell online. With affiliate programs, the product is already there. Someone else spent all the time developing it so you do not have to.

4. Affiliate statistics are already provided as part of joining an affiliate program. You do not have to go out and buy expensive software to track your sales because the product owner is doing that for you. You don't even have to pay for it, it's free!

5. You do not have any "time lag". With most businesses it takes a certain amount of time in the "start up" phase. With affiliate programs there is no such thing. Once you join you can start selling.

6. You do not have to worry about sales administration and technical support. The product owner takes care of the sales process and all the after sales service. All you have to worry about is receiving your affiliate check!

7. You do not have to worry about direct contact with the customer. In an affiliate program you are a re-seller so if the customer has a complaint they contact the product owner, not you.

Affiliate programs are simple to join, easy to start promoting and best of all they have no downside. If one affiliate program does not work out, you can leave and join a different one.

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