Turn Your Reborn Doll Craft Into a Website by Nicola Baume and Fran Smith

A reborn artist making a living from reborn dolls will need a website at some stage. This is a big step and can be daunting to the new internet marketer. It doesn't need to be.

When you decide to start your reborn doll website remember it is a marketing tool, the same as a shop front is. The purpose of your website is to sell your expertise as a reborn doll artist and in the process make money from your reborn doll talents. Many, many websites do not achieve this. They are more like fliers in cyber space! Do not make this mistake. A website is the marketing tool that the internet shopper sees first.

A website acts as your virtual shop front, helping your target customers to locate you and build brand and product awareness that eventually helps in increasing sales.

A website helps you expand your market to the whole world and it works for you twenty-four hours a day. There is nothing more exciting than getting orders while you are asleep! That's making money while you are asleep. Reborn doll collectors come from all over the world and only by having a presence on the Internet, can you possibly make contact with them.

A payment gateway is the online equivalent to the cash register, it is the easiest way to be paid from online buyers. Credit cards are a great way to increase your profits by as much as 30 to 100 percent. Register your reborn doll website with PayPal (no registration fees) to accept all major credit cards .5 percent - 2.9 percent for each transaction.

When you have a website you also have a dedicated email address so your customers can get in touch and you can get in touch with them. You can use this email as a marketing tool in itself. Your market is very large. Do you realize that over 200,000 people Google "reborn dolls" in a month. These are buyers and artists, both beginners and more experienced, looking for dolls and products. You could have a part of this market with a website.

Buyers love to read other buyers views of doing business with you, a testimonial page does this. Turning skeptics into loyal customers can be as easy as letting them read endorsements by your customers that have been happy doing business with you.

Your own reborn doll website gives the impression of a large professional business. There are many small and micro businesses that operate from home offices, garages and the like that would not impress customers if they were to visit. Working online means low overheads, working from anywhere that has internet access and being in charge of your time. A well presented website helps you build a professional image and a perception that you are company able to cater to all the customers needs.

We hope this has been helpful for you if you are thinking about starting your own reborn doll website. We wish you all the luck in the world and are great admirers of the work reborn doll artists are doing.

Fran and Nicola share many other great Internet Marketing Strategies in their Reborn Doll Web Business Book [ parked domain] Reborn Dolls For Fun & Profit.

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