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50 Tips for eBay Sellers

The basis of this article is to provide some tips for eBay sellers whether you are a seasoned eBayer or a novice, I hope you will find these tips useful.

The key to eBay is Best Match. Best Match is where eBay through its use of algorithms displays your listing based on what the buyer is searching for. The more relevant your listing is to their search the higher your listing will populate in the results. Seems easy enough... match your listing to what buyers are searching for. Well, not exactly, eBay will manipulate the results based on better buyers with better listings populating first.

What Influences Best Match

1. The exact algorithm is unknown and secret but to a few insiders. However this algorithm is always changing but we can determine some of the factors which impact Best Match.

A seller's track record on eBay, Competitive Pricing, Postage and Packaging costs all influence the Best Match results.

Previous Successful Sales

2. eBay loves sellers with a successful track record. if an item has sold previously and received great feedback, that is normally an indicator of future success. So positive feedback influences high population in search results.

Free Shipping

3. eBay loves free shipping and so do their buyers. Obviously the costs of the shipping are wrapped into the sale price of your listing. Free shipping seems to influence the search results as well.

Defect Rate

4. A sellers defect rate will significantly influence where their listings populate in the Best Match search results. Obviously, Top Rated Sellers get preference in this area which is why customer service is critical when dealing with buyers.

Listing Quality

5. Having many pictures of your item seems to influence the relevance of your listing. However, many sellers argue that using many SEO techniques inside your listing can influence population. For instance, mentioning relevant terms multiple times throughout the listing.

Item Specifics

6. Item specifics are the checked boxes related to attributes of the product you are selling which is on the selling form or in your listing tool. Helping eBay categorize your listings with this function will allow your listing to populate higher in relevant searches.

Auction or Buy Now

7. Buy Now and Auctions are treated differently in the search results. Auctions will sky rocket through the search results as their end times become closer. Auctions are a great way to test pricing strategies and new listing titles.

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