eBay Insertion, Final Value, and PayPal Fees by Trevor Shipp

Many people and businesses use eBay to sell products on a regular basis. Most full-time sellers know that selling products on eBay comes at a price! It is critical for even the occasional seller to know the true costs of selling an item on eBay. Those who do not are often surprised over the PayPal cost, eBay insertion fee, and eBay final value fee.

PayPal Fees for Selling on eBay

PayPal works closely with eBay to accommodate both buyers and sellers in easy online transactions; however, they are not free to use! Count on paying PayPal 2.9 percent and 30 cents per transaction each time any sales are made. It does not matter if you are selling an item for 99 cents or 1,000 dollars, it works the same! PayPal charges a fixed amount for each exchange of money.

To be clear, this 2.9 percent and 30 cents per transaction is taken from the final value of the item being sold, including the shipping too. For example, if you were to selling a product for 100 dollars and charge 15 dollars in shipping, you will be charged 2.9 percent of 115 dollars plus 30 cents on top. In this case, your total PayPal fee would be 3 dollars and 64 cents.

eBay Insertion Fee

Each time a product is listed to be sold on eBay, a charge could be incurred; it all depends on how you list the item! Currently, if you were to start your listing at any price as an auction, your first 50 listings have no insertion fee. Once you go over that amount, you will be charged an insertion fee, depending on the price you begin with for your auction. Currently, this amount ranges between 10 cents and 2 dollars.

If you were to list your item as a "Buy it Now" or fixed-price listing, you will be charged a rate of 50 cents flat, no matter where you choose to start your listing price.

In addition, you must be careful with the number of eBay "upgrades" you choose for each listing. If you were to have your title bold, have your listing duration increased to 10 days, use a subtitle, and many more add-ons, you will be charged small increases to your insertion fee.

eBay Final Value Fee

The eBay final value fee is a percentage of the total selling price plus shipping fee. This often is the most expensive portion of the three eBay fee types, so you must make sure to be careful and not forget this one!

The eBay final value fee is determined by whether you list your item as an auction or "Buy it Now" price. If you choose an auction-style listing, you will be charged a flat 9 percent fee with a total charge of no more than 250 dollars. If you instead list your item at a fixed "Buy it Now" price, your fee is based on what category of product you are listing. Here are the current categories:

1. electronics
2. clothing, shoes, and accessories
3. books, DVDs, movies, music, and video games
4. and all other categories

Your total final value fee what be determined by what you choose to sell!

My eBay Fee Advice

Regular eBayers must know the eBay fees so well that they rarely need to refer to them on eBay's website. It's advised to use an eBay fee calculator to get a fast and accurate fee estimate. In addition, be able to "eyeball" an item and quickly run the numbers in your head. Often, if you take 10 percent as a rough estimate for all listings, you can quickly guess at the fees. I refer to this as the "10 Percent Rule," which enables sellers to quickly get a rough estimate of what all the eBay and PayPal fees will be for any item sold. In most cases, you'll only be a percentage point or two up or down in your estimate!

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