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Make Money on eBay - Tips for Hiring a Packer-Shipper

One of the most tedious, yet most important tasks that exist for an eBay business is packing and shipping product to buyers. One of the keys to make money on eBay is to package products safely so they arrive in exactly the condition that the buyer expects and in a timely manner as is well.

To make money on eBay requires that a businessperson recognize when it is time to add employees. One of the first employees to consider adding is a packer-shipper. Before you make this decision however, be sure to check the local, state and federal laws and regulations regarding conducting a business from your home. There are also rules and regulations regarding employees. Be sure that you understand and adhere to all of them.

It doesn't matter whether the packer-shipper position is full-time or part-time, there are some specific requirements that should be considered. They include:

o Work well alone - This is a critical task. Yet you gain nothing is the person requires constant supervision. Once trained and working, the person should be able to handle top position without a great deal of intervention from you.

o Can be trusted to safely and efficiently pack every item that must be shipped - When the item arrives at the buyer's home or business that package represents you and your business. It must be right.

o Accurate and won't make mistakes - There is nothing worse than having an item that should have been shipped, missed and not shipped. Likewise, shipping the wrong items can cause negative feedback and lost repeat business.

o Bending and stooping and lift weight- The nature of the shipper-packer position requires someone who can continually bend and stoop. Additionally, packages can be heavy so some type of weight lifting requirement is important. (Be sure that you don't create unsafe working conditions by requiring lifting too much weight at one time.

Those who make money on eBay know that the way to make even more is to leverage their time and talents toward tasks that return the highest amount. Consider leveraging your time by adding a packer-shipper when the time is right.

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